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Amish Outlet Store, LLC, Furniture - Retail, Smithville, OH

Amish Barstools

Whether you are looking for a barstool or bar chair, we have what you want! Choose from our wide selection of Amish barstools and chairs that swivel or have arms. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call us. Each piece of our Shaker furniture is handmade from quality materials and hardwoods. You and your guests will love the unique touch an Amish barstool gives your home!

86 Mission 5 Slat Swivel Barstool

Adair Stationary Bar Stool

Adair Swivel Bar Stool

Archback Swivel Barstool

Aspen Bar Chair

Astoria Stationary Barstool

Astoria Swivel Barstool

Barrel Barstool

Bayhill Bar Chair

Bayhill Bar Stool

Beckley Stationary Bar Stool

Beckley Swivel Bar Stool

Belfast Bar Chair

Bellingham Bar Chair

Belmont Barstool

Belmont Barstool with Meribeth

Bennett Stationary Barstool

Bennett Swivel Barstool

Bent Paddle Swivel Barstool

Bentback Swivel Barstool

Bentley Bar Chair

Bentley Swivel Barstool

Boston Ridge Bar Chair

Boston Ridge Swivel Barstool

Bow Leg Country Swivel Barstool

Bradford Bar Chair

Bradford Swivel Barstool

Bradly Bar Chair

Bradly Barstool

Bradly Round Barstool

Brandon Stationary Bar Stool

Brandon Swivel Bar Stool

Brawley Stationary Barstool

Brawley Swivel Barstool

Brunswick Bar Chair

Callahan Stationary Barstool

Callahan Swivel Barstool

Carlisle Bar Chair

Carlisle Barstool

Cascade Stationary Barstool

Cascade Swivel Barstool

Centennial Swivel Barstool

Classic Mission Bar Chair

Colbran Stationary Barstool

Colbran Swivel Barstool

Colebrook Bar Chair

Columbus Bar Chair

Country Shaker Bar Chair

Country Sheaf Barstool

Crossback Stationary Barstool

Crossback Swivel Barstool

Denver Bar Chair

Destiny Barstool

Dillon Barstool

Douglas Bar Chair

Eddison Bar Chair

Ellington Bar Chair

Elridge Bar Chair

Fan Tail Bar Chair

Featherback Swivel Barstool

Frontier Bar Chair

Gettysburg Stationary Barstool

Gettysburg Swivel Barstool

Grafton Stationary Barstool

Grafton Swivel Barstool

Harvest Bar Chair

Harvest Barstool

Hawthorn Stationary Bar Stool

Hawthorn Swivel Bar Stool

Heritage Bar Chair

Herrington Stationary Barstool

Herrington Swivel Barstool

Jackson Stationary Bar Stool

Jackson Swivel Bar Stool

Jacoby Stationary Barstool

Jensen Bar Chair

Julia Counter Chair

Kalispel Stationary Barstool

Kalispel Swivel Barstool

Kalston Barstool

Kimberly Stationary Barstool

Kimberly Swivel Barstool

Kingsley Stationary Barstool

Kingsley Swivel Barstool

Kitchen Barstool

Kodiak Stationary Barstool

Kodiak Swivel Barstool

Laurie Stationary Barstool

Laurie Swivel Barstool

Lavega Bar Chair

Levine Stationary Bar Stool

Levine Swivel Bar Stool

Lexington Stationary Barstool

Lexington Swivel Barstool

Linzee Stationary Barstool

Linzee Swivel Barstool

Livingston Bar Chair

Livingston Swivel Bar Chair

Lodge Stationary Barstool

Lodge Swivel Barstool

Madison Bar Chair

Madison Barstool

Malibu Stationary Barstool

Malibu Swivel Barstool

Mansfield Stationary Barstool

Mansfield Swivel Barstool

McCohen Stationary Barstool

McCoy Stationary Barstool

McCoy Swivel Barstool

Midway Bar Chair

Midway Barstool

Mission Bar Chair

Modesto Bar Chair

Newberry Stationary Barstool

Newberry Swivel Barstool

Ohio Barstool

Parkland Bar Chair

Parkway Stationary Barstool

Parkway Swivel Barstool

Plain Round Stool

Portage Barstool

Prestige Bar Chair

Queen Anne Hip Bar Chair

Queen Anne Swivel Barstool

Regal Bar Chair

Royal Mission Bar Chair

Royal Mission Swivel Barstool

Rustic Bar Stool

Saddle Stool

Sheaf Back Barstool

Sherwood Stationary Bar Stool

Sherwood Swivel Bar Stool

Somerset Bar Chair

Square Post Barstool

Swivel Barstool

Toronto Bar Chair

Tuscany Bar Chair

Tuscany Swivel Barstool

Venice Bar Chair

Venice Barstool

Vintage Mission Bar Chair

West Lake Bar Chair

Western Barstool

White River Bar Chair

Winslow Barstool

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