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When most people think of traditional Amish furniture, they usually think of large items like tables, chests, bookcases, curios and rockers. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that we make dozens of different accent pieces to complete your home furnishings. We use the same Northern hardwood, proven methods and classic Shaker and Mission styles for our accents as we do for all of our other household furniture.

Whether it’s a coat rack for your front hall, bookcases for your office or a wine rack for your den, our collection of Amish wooden furniture accents are the perfect finishing touches for every room in your home.

With so much choice, it’s easy to change the look and feel of your home. You don’t need to change all of your furniture. Simply choose a new color or paper for your walls, change the layout of your main pieces of furniture and add some exciting new Amish accent pieces for a completely new look at an affordable price. You may choose accent pieces that match the style and color of your existing furniture, or you may decide you want to contrast with some unique elements in varied colors.

In all cases, no matter which style, wood and stain you choose, you’re buying timeless, high-quality Amish furniture accents made right here in America. Trust the carpenters and artisans who have passed down knowledge and know-how through the generations to build the perfect wood accent furniture for your home.

Buy Furniture for Today and Tomorrow

Modern, mass-made furniture isn’t made to last. It’s made to be cheap and disposable, and is often designed to be shipped in pieces to be assembled later. This severely compromises the solidity and durability of the furniture, and means it will start quickly showing wear and tear. The use of laminates and composites also means this mass-produced furniture is susceptible to humidity and deformation.

Contrast that with our Amish-built furniture made from American hardwoods like oak, maple, hickory and cherry. Every piece of wood is chosen for its strength and beauty. Our Amish artisans select wood with similar grain and coloring for every piece of furniture, to ensure there’s a harmonious appearance. They use traditional methods to cut, shape and join the wood — methods that have been used for over 100 years to create legendary Shaker and Mission-style Amish furniture. They apply a stain of your choosing to give a beautiful, durable finish that highlights every aspect of the piece.

Another advantage of choosing our Amish-made furniture is that you’re supporting hardworking Americans. Much of the mass-produced furniture you’ll find in large stores and under global brands is produced in foreign countries. It’s impossible to know under what conditions this furniture is made, or if environmental and safety procedures are respected.

Our Amish furniture is built in the USA by hardworking Americans. You have experienced artisans and craftsmen putting their care and attention into ensuring that every hardwood accent piece is perfect.

A Wide Range of Choices                                

With Amish Outlet, you have dozens and dozens of choices in individual pieces of accent furniture. When you add in the multiple choices of wood and the many different stains available, you have countless possible combinations. That means that you can create true custom hardwood accent furniture for your home, instead of picking from a handful of designs and colors in a catalog or large store.

Some of our most popular accent pieces include:

  • Benches and hall seats: These help make the entrance to your home more inviting, and provide spacious seating at your table or in your family room or games room.
  • Bookcases: Store all of your books, collectibles and pictures on our sturdy bookshelves. They’re available in a huge variety of widths, heights and depths.
  • Chevals / mirrors: Our elegant mirrors can be positioned for perfect viewing at any angle, and can help make any room feel bigger and brighter.
  • Clocks: For many families, a beautiful Amish clock is a prized possession, and will be the highlight of your room thanks to its imposing height and timeless design.
  • Display / curio / gun cabinets: We build many shapes and sizes of cabinets for storing all of your precious items and collectibles, including locking gun cases.
  • Rockers / gliders: After a hard day of work, nothing relaxes quite like sitting back and enjoying the smooth, calming motion of a traditional Amish rocker and glider.
  • Sewing centers: You won’t find anything like this in major stores. Our sewing centers harken back to traditional Amish values and handicrafts, and make sewing a real pleasure.

These are just a few of our excellent accent pieces. You might also want to check out our valets for hanging pants and jackets, tall sofa tables, end and coffee tables and blanket chests. Once you’ve chosen the hardwood furniture accents you like, you can choose from a list of available woods. You even have a choice in the stain we will use to finish and protect your furniture. We have over a dozen different stains, so it’s possible to find the exact color you want, to highlight the natural beauty and grain of the wood, and match the décor of your home and existing furniture.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Reward

We take real pride in the beautiful Amish accent furniture we can offer you. We’ve seen the workers who pour their heart and soul into every last piece, and are confident that we’re offering you the best possible quality. You won’t find a better combination of top-quality Northern hardwood, expert craftsmanship and flawless finishes than you’ll find with Amish-made furniture.

You can start shopping right here on our site, or contact us (by email or phone) if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to give you more information on our Amish wooden furniture accents, and help you find the perfect touches for your home. Every one of our pieces will stand out in your room, no matter which room you choose to place them in. We look forward to hearing from you, and building custom hardwood Amish furniture just for you and your family.