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Amish Clocks

Have you ever been envious of a beautiful clock in a friend’s home and wished you had one of your very own? Our collection of beautiful solid wood Amish Clocks can help make your dream come true! Choose from an assortment of elegant McCoy and Morgan Clocks — you’ll even find a clock with a built-in wine rack that is sure to be the center of attention at any party or other social gathering.


We Specialize in Heirloom-Quality Amish Furniture

At, we produce expertly handcrafted furniture that stands the test of time. That’s because we use only the finest materials to create our furniture, including northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, maple and cherry, and numerous attractive wood stains. The clock mechanisms feature Hermie battery-operated quartz movement to ensure accurate, reliable timekeeping over many years of use. With the superior Amish craftsmanship that goes into every piece we sell, you never have to worry about the durability of your clock.

Get the Perfect Amish Wooden Clocks for Your Home

We make clocks to suit every taste. Whether you have a country-style home or your look is more traditional, our solid wood Amish clocks will add pizazz to whatever room you put them in. We understand it can be hard to narrow down your choices from our beautiful collection of clocks. We try to guide our customers to find not just a great-looking clock, but also one that fits their personal style.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to see the clock’s insides? It’s fascinating to watch a clock tick and tock, and so some of our designs feature glass doors allowing you to see what happens as time passes.
  • Do I want storage with my clock? We offer clocks with small drawers at the bottom, where you can put accessories for your clock or other small items such as pen and paper.
  • Do I drink or collect wine? One particularly unique clock, the McCoy Wine Rack Clock, offers wine storage and also includes space for wine glasses.

Finding the Right Room for Your Amish Clock

Our Amish wooden clocks can be displayed in any room. In fact, many of our customers discover their new clock migrates to a room they didn’t initially expect, just because it looks so perfect there. Most choose to put it in a hallway, dining room or living room.

However, other options include the master bedroom, the basement or even a closed-in porch. Our high-class clocks add drama and intrigue to any room where you choose to display them. Clocks have a way of drawing people in. You may even find it’s the perfect piece for the bedroom, because the soothing ticks help put you right to sleep.

The Perfect Size for Any Room

Perhaps you’d love to get an Amish clock for your bedroom, but you’re concerned about bringing another piece into your already-small area. After all, you already have a bed, two dressers and your bedside tables. Rest assured, a clock will take up a small sliver of space. You can put it next to a dresser and won’t feel crowded at all. Plus, it’s a practical investment at a time when some kids can’t even tell time. You can help your kids go beyond digital watches with this investment.

Can Your Furniture Match the New Arrival?

If you would like to match your new clock to your current room décor, you can accomplish this through smart decorating. Of course, the best option is to get new furniture that matches your new purchase. offers many choices that have the same grain as our clocks, such as benches and hall seats, dining tables and entertainment centers.

Many Ways to Save at

Take advantage of our multiple discounts to minimize your furniture costs. Purchase any clock from our collection right now and get up to 33 percent off the regular retail price. We also offer a large order discount where you can save up to an additional 13 percent, as well as a 3 percent discount when paying by check. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you explore all of your money-saving options.

Take a closer look at our collection of gorgeous solid wood Amish clocks and order yours today!