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Amish Chairs

At, you don’t have to travel to find a great selection of solid living room furniture handcrafted in the Amish tradition. Our extensive online inventory contains wooden living room chairs, bookcases, coffee tables and much more. Available in a variety of northern kiln-dried hardwoods, such as quartersawn white oak, cherry and maple, and customizable with different stains, fabrics and design options, our products truly offer something for everyone.



Ordering online is secure and easy — all items are priced at up to 33% off retail, with further discounts available on larger orders, such our complete solid wood living room sets. Browse our inventory by following the links below, or contact our office directly for step-by-step assistance with the ordering process.

A Brief Guide to Buying Hardwood Living Room Furniture

Unlike mass-market furniture, produced using inexpensive veneers and composite woods, the artisan-built living room furniture from is designed to last a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to make a smart choice when buying pieces online. While, ultimately, your tastes and your budget will determine the best option for you, here are some quick and basic things to consider as your browse our inventory:

  • Quality comes with a price — but price doesn’t always come with quality. Amish living room furniture represents an era in craftsmanship when pieces were built to last, not made cheaply overseas. Even much of today’s expensive designer furniture is built to be disposable, encouraging a cycle of endless consumption as trends change.

The handcrafted, solid wood living room furniture from is different. When you buy from us, you are paying first and foremost for exceptional quality. Our pieces stand the test of time, both in their classic good looks and their traditional construction techniques.

  • Your style, your rules. Really, there’s only one question you should ask yourself when shopping for wooden living room furniture: Do I love it? Forget outdated rules about design and coordination — if you love something, it’s the right piece for you. Trust your judgment and make a choice that comes from the heart.

Remember, too, that all the items in our inventory can be customized to a certain extent. Choosing a lighter or darker stain gives you an opportunity to put your own personal touch on a piece — one that’s more in line with your particular tastes and the needs of your living room.

  • Living rooms are for living. Your living room should be a functional space where family can gather — the right furniture will encourage this rather than impede it. Remember, as guests and family members come and go through your home, a more fussed-over space will be more difficult to maintain. Don’t overstuff your room with end tables and other accessories. Instead, choose a few quality pieces that leave space for movement. Doing so will ultimately create a more organic, attractive living area, one that people will want to sit in and stay for a while.

Design and Style Options

With our extensive catalogue of solid wood living room furniture sets, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Some things to think about as you browse our online store include:

  • Style: Each one of our pieces is unique, taking its design cues from traditional Amish, Shaker and Mission styles. Solid wood living room furniture in the Shaker style tends to be more simple and straightforward, with fewer embellishments and more functional, minimalist sentiments.

Mission-style living room furniture, on the other hand, is somewhat more ornate, with more bevels, slats and other unique features. We’ve included clear, high-definition photos on every product page to highlight these subtle differences and to help you make an informed purchase.

  • Stain: Staining emphasizes the natural grain of our hardwood living room furniture. Effects can range from subtle and light to dramatic and bold. A darker stain has a more classic appearance, but can make the room appear smaller. Lighter-stained wood furniture can brighten up a room, but often has a somewhat monotonous appearance. In many cases, the strategic use of contrasting colors offers a great compromise.
  • Fabric: Many of the same considerations apply when choosing an upholstery fabric for sofas, chairs and other solid wood living room furniture. With most of our pieces, the wood is intended to be the star — and that means subtler fabrics tend to work better. That being said, we offer a complete selection of upholstery options, including fabric in various patterns and solids, as well as suede and faux leather.

Putting Together a Complete Living Room Furniture Set

While a single chair or table can easily be the centerpiece of the room, a complete wood living room furniture set is the best way to completely transform this important space. A living room set typically includes a couch, chair, coffee table and end tables, matched together to form a cohesive yet functional overall design.

The size of your living room will play a large role in determining which pieces you need. Ensuring enough space between pieces is essential — most designers recommend at least 18” between a sofa and a coffee table, 7-8’ between a sofa and a TV, and anywhere from 3.5” to 10” between chairs. In addition, sufficient end tables should be available, but not so many that they impede the flow of traffic through the room.

An representative can help you assess your needs and put together a package containing a complete solid oak living room furniture set. We offer an extensive selection of wooden sofa chairs, wooden living room chairs, coffee tables and much more, all designed to work together in your home.

Call or email our office to get started today!