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The Benefits of Handcrafted Amish Poly Outdoor Furniture

Many people dream of creating a peaceful outdoor retreat in their yard, complete with stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. No matter what your space is like, any outdoor area can benefit from beautiful and durable outdoor furniture. In a recent survey by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA), more than 70 percent of U.S. households have outdoor spaces, with almost the same percentage using that outdoor space at least once a week in season.

When purchasing outdoor furniture for your home, you not only want it to be aesthetically pleasing, you also want it to be durable. Handcrafted Amish poly outdoor furniture can withstand exposure to the elements and resists cracking, peeling and rotting. It’s easy to clean, will endure wear and tear and will still look beautiful for many years to come. By investing in Amish poly outdoor furniture, you can save both time and money.

More than 70% of U.S. households have outdoor spaces

Handcrafted Amish poly outdoor furniture combines beauty and stylish design with a level of durability that can easily endure the frequently harsh outdoor conditions. Made of high-quality plastic material, Amish poly outdoor furniture is both sturdy and sophisticated. It offers the beauty of wood without the hassle, maintenance and added future cost that usually accompany fine wood.

Amish poly outdoor furniture is available in a wide variety of colors and styles to match your decor. And since it’s made from recycled plastic, you can feel good about purchasing products that are eco-friendly. Fine Amish craftsmanship goes into every piece, ensuring that your piece is as well-made as it is beautiful. Each piece is made in America and customized to your exact specifications.

Whether you’re looking for a backyard patio set for outdoor entertaining, a relaxing Adirondack chair or a glider, Amish poly lawn furniture is the way to go.

Fine Amish Craftsmanship

Each piece of Amish poly furniture is individually made by skilled artisans who utilize building methods handed down through the generations. They use only first-rate materials and responsible building practices. These artisans take great pride in their work, and the result is high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time. 

Like the original handcrafted Amish furniture of the early 20th century, poly outdoor furniture boasts the simple yet beautiful designs and excellent craftsmanship of traditional wood furniture. In particular, Amish artisans are well known for their Mission and Shaker styles of furniture. These timeless designs never go out of style and maintain their simple elegance throughout the years.

The simple way of life that Amish artisans follow is reflected in their methods and craftsmanship. Their workshops are small and self-sustaining, and their building practices are environmentally-friendly. Many of today’s Amish artisans utilize both manual and power tools. This use of hydraulic and pneumatic tools has only served to increase their already efficient work process. Despite the advance in the tools used, the building techniques that have been utilized as far back as the 18th century remain the same.

The Amish artisans’ time tested methods and insistence on quality both lead to a level of superiority that you won’t find in mass-produced furniture. Like the beautiful wood furniture they create, Amish artisans carefully select each element of poly furniture as well. This results in one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are truly works of art.

An added benefit of Amish craftsmanship is the ability to customize your poly outdoor furniture to your desired colors and specifications. Since they are so skilled at their trade, Amish artisans can easily plan and design new pieces. They take great pride in creating beautiful pieces of furniture that can be passed down through the generations.

Versatile Color & Style Choices

Amish poly outdoor furniture is available in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. Poly lumber can be produced in almost every color imaginable, illustrating another benefit over wood. To achieve bright and unique colors, wood furniture color must be treated with paint or stain that chips, fades and needs to be retouched periodically. Poly outdoor furniture maintains its beautiful color and finish without the added care. Due to the unique manufacturing process, the colors are vibrant and bold from the inside to the outside.

Fashionable new colors are an anticipated furniture trend

Having a broad color palette from which to choose is an exciting benefit of Amish poly outdoor furniture. From traditional wood inspired colors to blues, pinks and even two-tone combinations, you can find the perfect shade to match your house, decorating taste or even your favorite color. A recent AHFA survey reported that 43 percent of consumers surveyed listed fashionable new colors as their most anticipated furniture trend, with 30 percent listing new materials as the one feature they to which they were most looking forward. With Amish poly outdoor furniture, customers can be sure that they’re getting a beautiful and stylish piece without having to settle for tired and uninspiring color choices.

Amish poly outdoor furniture comes in just as many forms as traditional wood outdoor furniture. Everything from tables to accent furniture and even outdoor accessories is available in poly lumber. Every piece is designed to coordinate and harmonize. Paired with cozy and decorative cushions and pillows, poly outdoor furniture can be the showcase of your outdoor space and the place where everyone wants to assemble. Some of the many choices of Amish poly patio furniture include:

  • Tables — There are many different styles of Amish poly outdoor tables available in various colors, heights and styles. These sturdy tables feature clean lines and beautiful details. They are designed to meet your entertaining and decorating needs and can be used for everything from dining to showcasing your outdoor plants. Many of these tables are designed for use with an umbrella. Some popular table styles include:
    • Pub Tables
    • Picnic Tables
    • Dining Tables
    • Buffet Tables
    • Oval, Rectangular, Round and Half Tables
    • End Tables
    • Side Tables
    • Coffee Tables
  • Chairs — Even though chairs are primarily meant to be highly functional pieces of furniture, they can also be beautiful. Amish poly outdoor chairs are as fashionable they are purposeful. They’re available in a wide variety of styles, heights and colors. Whether for sitting around a cozy fire pit to lying in the sun or around the pool, there is a chair style suited for every need. Popular Amish poly outdoor chair styles include:
    • Barstools
    • Chaise Lounges
    • Side Chairs
    • Arm Chairs

Colorful Poly Adirondack Chair

  • Adirondack Chairs — The classic Adirondack chair is the epitome of relaxation. Amish poly Adirondack chairs come in a variety of modern and classic styles. In addition to the standard Adirondack chair, we also offer chairs that that fold, swivel and rock. They’re available in different heights and colors as well. Consider adding a brightly colored pair to your outdoor décor for a fun splash of color.
  • Benches — Benches are perfect for placing under a picnic table, in the garden or just for additional guest seating. While they serve many practical purposes, the right style of bench style also adds character to your outdoor décor. From simple and elegant mission style benches to bench chairs, you can find one that best fits your space and décor. Popular Amish poly outdoor bench styles include:
    • Garden Benches
    • Table Benches
    • Bench Chairs
    • Mission Style Benches
    • Backless Benches
  • Swings — Few things conjure up the image of a perfect summer day as readily as the hanging porch swing. Amish poly swings offer the look and function of traditional wood swings without the maintenance. From swing chairs built for a single occupant to comfy sofa swings which can seat a few at a time, there’s a style that’s perfect for you. Some popular styles of Amish poly outdoor swings include:
    • Swing Chairs
    • Adirondack Style Swings
    • Sofa Swings
    • Lounge Swings
    • Two-seat Swings
    • A-frame Swings
  • Gliders & Rockers — Like swings, gliders and rockers also evoke feelings of rest and relaxation. Whether on a porch, patio or as a set complete with a table, poly rockers and gliders will give you years of maintenance-free enjoyment. There are many popular styles of Amish poly outdoor gliders and rockers, including:
    • Single and Double Gliders
    • Swivel Gliders
    • Glider Settees
    • Glider Chairs
    • Various Rocker Styles

Outdoor Dining Al Fresco

  • Dining Sets — Dining al fresco on a warm summer night is a seasonal tradition for many. Poly dining sets are versatile and made to seat all of your guests comfortably. They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and layouts. These tables feature holes for your patio umbrella, which can also be plugged with the included table plug if you wish. Dining sets are available with both attached and separate seating. Some popular styles of Amish poly outdoor dining sets include:
    • Picnic Tables
    • Dining Tables With Chairs
    • Dining Tables With Benches
    • Pub Style Dining Sets
    • Oval, Round, Square and Rectangular Dining Tables
  • Accessories and Accent Pieces — Once you have the main pieces of your outdoor furniture ensemble, you’ll no doubt want to accessorize with some coordinating accessories or accent pieces. Made of the same colors and poly material as the large furniture, these pieces are made to complement the rest of your outdoor décor. Purchase pieces to go with your furniture or mix and match colors and styles to make them stand out. Popular styles of Amish poly accessories and accent pieces include:
    • Footrests and Footstools
    • Ottomans
    • Cup Holders
    • Garden and Potting Tables
    • Planters
    • Center Tables

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Amish poly outdoor furniture is made to withstand sun, rain and wind and can be left outdoors in all seasons. It’s made to resist damage from rain, ice, snow, sleet or other weather. Since our poly outdoor furniture is made with stainless steel fasteners, there’s no risk of stains and corrosion. Poly outdoor furniture also resists insects and other harmful agents such as salt, chlorine and mildew. Although Amish poly furniture is extremely durable, it’s important to never place extremely hot items such as pots or pans directly on the poly surface, since it can melt.

Although it’s made from plastic, Amish poly outdoor furniture is not your typical “plastic furniture” which easily bends, cracks and splinters. Unlike other plastic outdoor furniture, it’s sturdy and won’t crack, break, or blow away with a steady wind. Poly outdoor furniture is made to withstand conditions that send other plastic furniture to the landfill.

Poly outdoor furniture is also extremely low maintenance since it doesn’t need to be stained or painted like other wood furniture. And since it’s treated with a UV agent, poly outdoor furniture will not fade from sun exposure. In addition to these benefits, Poly lumber isn’t porous like wood, meaning it resists moisture and doesn’t need to be sealed with a waterproofing agent.

While traditional wood furniture makes a great home or tasty treat for insects such as carpenter bees and termites, poly outdoor furniture is made to resist bugs. Insects aren’t attracted to poly lumber the way they are to wood.

This benefits consumers in quite a few ways. Since insects aren’t drawn to poly furniture, there’s no worry of drawing them to your home and outdoor area. There’s also no concern about the damage caused by insects, which is one of the main reasons that many homeowners discard their wood furniture and purchase new pieces.

Poly outdoor furniture is also incredibly easy to clean. It can be washed with soap and rinsed with water. However, it’s important to use only non-abrasive soaps, cleansers and sponges, as these can scratch the poly surface. While it’s perfectly okay to use the garden hose to clean your outdoor poly furniture, the use of a high-powered hose nozzle isn’t recommended.


Amish Poly Outdoor Furniture Offers Many Eco-Friendly FeaturesMany of today’s consumers are not only style conscious, but they’re also earth conscious as well. They want their products to look good while also being environmentally responsible. Amish poly outdoor furniture offers many eco-friendly features, which benefits both the consumer and the environment.

Amish poly outdoor furniture is constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), derived from recycled plastic. Also called poly lumber, this substance contains 90% recycled material. Water and detergent bottles, milk jugs and other plastic containers are sterilized and melted down, giving them a whole new purpose. This saves millions of pounds of plastic from being dumped into landfills where they will never biodegrade.

The production of HDPE is eco-friendly as well, as it doesn’t create any harmful emissions or leak toxic chemicals into the soil and water.

There’s also no risk of “off-gassing,” which occurs when household products release toxic chemicals into the air. With many types of furniture, these harmful chemicals are released into and around your home. In an enclosed area such as a screened porch or patio, the gases become more concentrated. This helps the environment and keeps consumers safe.

The production of this furniture is also eco-friendly. Amish artisans don’t rely on the power grid and use very little energy consumption during the furniture building process. Their efficient manufacturing process doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals or pollutants. The little waste that is produced is repurposed for other uses.

Since there’s no need for painting or staining, buying products with noxious chemicals and harmful fumes isn’t necessary. There’s also no need for sanding, which is time-consuming and can be hazardous to your health. There’s also no hassle of disposing of the old paint and stain cans, which if not properly discarded, pose many environmental problems.

HDPE can be cleaned with ordinary soap and water, eliminating the need for harsher, less environmentally friendly products. A mild solution of chlorine bleach and water can be used if extra cleaning power is needed, although it should be used sparingly since bleach is a toxic substance. There are a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products that can help you to keep your outdoor furniture sparkling and looking like new.

An added eco-friendly aspect of Amish poly outdoor furniture is that it’s made in America. This eliminates the need for products to be shipped from across the world on cargo ships or airplanes that use costly and dirty fossil fuels. Since Amish products are custom made to order, there’s no need for large warehouses, in which to store large amounts of prefabricated furniture. This removes the need for vast amounts of heat, air conditioning, water and electricity to support large warehouse operations.

Since Amish poly outdoor furniture is built to last for much longer than traditional wood outdoor furniture, the need to replace outdoor furniture every few years isn’t necessary. This helps to keep tons of furniture out of landfills. Chemicals from wood that has been treated with paint or stain are not leached into the soil where they can potentially contaminate soil and air.

Another eco-friendly benefit of poly outdoor furniture is that no trees need be cut down for its production. Deforestation is a pressing environmental issue, with huge ecological repercussions. By buying poly furniture, you are helping to save trees and protect the earth for future generations.


Since Amish poly outdoor furniture is made in America, you get the added benefit of receiving high quality for a great price. With this furniture, there’s no need to sacrifice style or quality for value. With Amish poly outdoor furniture, you not only save money at the time of purchase but also in the long run.

Receive high quality outdoor furniture for a great priceOne of the biggest cost benefits is the fact that since Amish poly outdoor furniture is so durable and resistant to insects and the elements, your furniture will be around for a very long time.

With proper care and use, the projected life span of Amish poly outdoor furniture far exceeds that of traditional wood outdoor furniture. This means that you can feel satisfied in knowing the cost of your furniture won’t have to be incurred again for many years.

Since there’s no need to protect poly furniture from insect and weather damage, you won’t ever have to buy paint, sealers or stains. If you average the cost of these products over the course of several years, it can add up to an enormous amount of money spent. Those savings alone are very significant.

And let’s not forget the cost of time, which is frequently worth as much as money. Instead of spending time shopping for paint, sealers or stains, then prepping, applying and cleaning up after them, you could be relaxing in your low maintenance Amish poly outdoor furniture. Since you don’t have to put away and store poly furniture in the winter, this also reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend preparing your outdoor space for winter.

When you purchase furniture made by Amish artisans, you’re not just getting a beautiful piece of quality furniture. You’re also supporting the U.S. economy. By supporting U.S. owned small businesses, you help to keep jobs in America in a time of great foreign competition. Purchasing American-made products ensures that the Amish tradition of quality artistry continues for many more generations to come.

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