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Our Must Have Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Our must have outdoor furniture

There was a time, not so long ago, when outdoor furniture meant a webbed folding chair and, if you were lucky, a plastic side table. Thank goodness we’ve come so far. Outdoor living has exploded in recent years as people have found it’s a great way to expand their living space while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Whether you want to host a neighborhood barbeque or spend the day reading during some blissful alone time, designing the perfect outdoor paradise is within your reach. As we make our way through the month of June, here are tips and ideas that will turn your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Patio tableEnjoying meals outside is one of the first things we think of when the weather turns warm. Amish Outlet Store’s Legacy Dining Set collection is sturdy yet attractive and can easily withstand most weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to seat a family of four or need something larger to accommodate big groups, we have you covered. Maybe you’re looking for something more casual? We have picnic tables that look great on a back deck or patio, or you can choose your own table and chairs from our outdoor furniture options and mix and match! All are made using traditional Amish methods, so our poly furniture is built to bring your family enjoyment for years to come.

Chairs and Lounges

Adirondack ChairsSometimes you just want someplace to sit! There are so many different types of chairs out there – it’s enough to make your head spin. Speaking of that, we do have chairs that spin! Seriously though, whatever type of outdoor chair you choose, comfort and durability are top of mind. Adirondack Chairs are very popular – they’re low to the ground with wide seats and a sturdy, relaxed feel. They bring to mind peaceful days of sitting by the ocean. Our Legacy Adirondack chairs come in sizes that accommodate both adults and children. If you are interested in something more traditional, the Portsmouth Arm Chair & Glider is simple and stylish with it’s vertically slatted back and horizontal slatted seat. And of course, who doesn’t love a good lounge chair? Wonderful for those lazy summer days, try out the Lido Lounge Chair. The adjustable back can lower to a 180° angle, just right for a quick afternoon nap. In the end, you can’t go wrong with any of our outdoor chairs!

Rocking Chairs, Gliders and Swings

Sitting in a rocking chair outdoors on a hot day with a glass of iced tea is almost required at the height of summer. Nothing beats a well-made rocking chair, and our Comfort Rocker will never lead you astray. This majestic Amish-made chair is the ultimate in comfort with its contoured back and extra-smooth rocking motion. If you want something with room for two, you can’t go wrong with the Fanback Double Glider. Not only is it super comfy, you’ll quickly lose track of time as you enjoy the gentle back and forth motion of the glider. Add our gliding ottoman to make it even more fun (and comfortable)! Speaking of room for two, is there anything more romantic than a porch swing on a summer evening? We have several different styles to choose from, and all of them are a vehicle for creating lasting memories of quality time with your loved one.


If you are looking for an alternative to traditional outdoor seating, you might want to consider a bench or two. Benches are good for more than decoration. They offer seating options in unique areas where it may be desirable; places such as gardens, along a fence line or under a favorite shade tree. The Cypress Royal Garden Bench works nicely in any of those situations. Cypress wood doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to moisture and is naturally bug resistant, making it an ideal wood for use in outdoor furniture. Plus, the natural grain of the wood blends seamlessly in your natural outdoor setting. A strategically placed bench is a beautiful way to unobtrusively observe nature to your heart’s content.

Outdoor Kitchen Space

Grilling OutdoorsOnce considered a luxury, outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular in all climates. Who wants to cook indoors and heat up the inside of the house when you can do it all outside? Having your kitchen outdoors allows you to hang with the family outside instead of being stuck indoors cooking. In addition to outdoor furniture, Amish Outlet Store has an array of items to accessorize your outdoor kitchen in style. Our grill tables are made specifically to fit your Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe grills, affording you much-needed extra storage and prep space. When you’re ready to present your grilled masterpiece, lay out your spread on the Lido Serving Table. And while you’re at it add a few bar stools and your buffet table can turn into extra seating!

Finishing Touches for Your Outdoor Space

Flowers and Lantern - Outdoor DecorationsOnce you’ve picked out your outdoor furniture, it’s time to add those little details that really bring your ideas home. A few small occasional tables are a good idea to have on hand, especially if you do some entertaining. Or, keep your guests comfortable with our specially made outdoor ottomans! How about adding a planter or window box? After all, you are outside. Take advantage of the natural light and add some color to your environment. Impatients, marigolds, and petunias are easy to care for and don’t require a ton watering or ongoing maintenance. Planters really dress up your outdoor living space and encourage a sense of being close with nature. One last thing – don’t forget your furry friend! An outdoor doggie dish will keep your fur baby fed and hydrated so they can enjoy your company all day long.


Like to listen to music? Install an outdoor listening system to blast your tunes during the day, and then switch to some cool jazz in the evenings. Add to the ambiance and warm up cool nights with a propane outdoor fireplace. For something extra special, install an outdoor TV (yes, they have those!) for movie nights. Outdoor TV’s are a much better option than dragging your current TV outside because they are specially sealed and made to withstand harsh weather conditions. And as the weather turns colder, you can get outdoor patio heaters that are stylish and perfect for home use. With some planning – you’ll never have to go back inside!

As you can see, outdoor living spaces are simply casual mirrors of their indoor counterparts. Nowadays, there is practically nothing that you can do indoors that you can’t make happen outside. There is something to be said for spending time outdoors – nature is restorative and really takes you away from the stress you deal with every day. We here at Amish Outlet Store have the outdoor furniture you need, and you know that it’s built to last. Happy Summer!


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