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42″W x 60″L x 30″H

– 1 1/4″ Thick Top with Eased Edge
– Top Grooved to Look Like Plank Top
– 3 1/2″ Shaker Legs
– Bread Board Ends* with Walnut Dowels
– Gear Slides

*Wood is a natural product and most hardwoods have open grain, which allows the boards to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. Even solid wood furniture with protective finishes can experience movement from time to time. This can be especially noticeable in furniture with plank-tops and breadboard ends.

Breadboard ends do not expand/contract in the same direction of the main planks due to the grains running opposite in directions. This could create an offset between the planks and the ends. This is not something to be alarmed over, as you may see the table go through the expanding/contracting cycle as the seasons change. This is not a defect in the material or an issue with the workmanship; it is the result of the natural movement of the wood. We recommend keeping your humidity between 35-40% to minimize these effects.

With this in mind, breadboard-end furniture cannot be returned due to expanding/contracting.

Frontier Plank Leg Table

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Brown Maple
Q.S. White Oak
Rustic Cherry
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Frontier Plank Leg Table

Remember when furniture could be counted on to last forever? The Frontier plank table is a throwback to those days, and a dramatic centerpiece in any dining room. Purchase the Frontier table on its own or as part of a complete furniture set – either way, its great looks and exceptional build quality will make the perfect addition to your home.

Superior attention to detail can be noted throughout, from the grooved top to the walnut dowels on the piece’s breadboard ends. Choose from several different wood options – oak is standard, though cherry, hickory and other premium materials are also available.

The beauty of the Frontier plank table – and of mission-inspired furniture in general – is that despite its Old-World construction, it can easily complement both modern and conventional furniture. Its simple lines and delicate geometric ornamentation are attractive without being overly showy. It won’t compete for attention with flashier pieces, but will instead reveal its true beauty and craftsmanship over time.

Made in the USA by Amish artisans, the Frontier table offers the best of both worlds – solid hardwood construction that will last a lifetime, and a versatile look that is equally timeless. Add on a set of matching chairs to completely transform your dining room into a place that will wow guests and encourage family to stay and linger over a meal.

When purchased as part of a set, the Frontier table qualifies for our exclusive large order discount. Contact directly for details.