Amelia Bedroom Collection

The right bed needs to be comfortable, but that’s not all — it also needs to look great in your space. It should match your dresser and nightstand and form a cohesive unit between them that tells people you have great taste and found exactly what you wanted for your bedroom. You spend so many hours every day in this room that it’s worth investing in furniture you can enjoy and be proud of. You will feel that way about the Amelia Bedroom Collection.

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The furniture in the collection looks sophisticated and exhibits the qualities of outstanding craftsmanship that you expect from Amish-made furniture. Unlike the mass-produced pieces you find at other retailers, our items can be customized to your preferences. We can create the lingerie chest, nightstand, bed or dresser in your choice of several different wood types, including Q.S. White Oak and Brown Maple. You can also choose a stain, such as Golden Oak or Honeywood S-2.

The Amish artisans who make our furniture spent their early years watching their parents and grandparents honing their craft. As they grew older, these young craftsmen experimented with the same traditional techniques they observed the generations before them use. They continue to employ these methods today because they work. The furniture they make is durable, sturdy and efficient — and not to mention beautiful. No wonder Amish furniture has such a fantastic reputation.

We offer daily discounts of up to 33 percent on our furniture, as well as specials you can look at on our homepage. Contact us today to learn more about the Amelia Bedroom Collection.