If you are looking for ample work space and an attractive, classical desk, Amish Partners, also known as double desks or double pedestal desks, may be right for you. These desks have enough space to share, so they are ideal for couples, business partners or large families in which multiple people may need a desk. These desks also offer ample storage space and enough room for two computers or laptops, making them a good solution for busy households.

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Characteristics of Amish Partners Desks

These oversized desks have two pedestals attached to a credenza and feature a large top. Desks in this style often have a hutch top. Double pedestal desks have been around since the early 1800s, and they have traditionally been associated with wealthy business owners. They have often been used by attorneys and business partners.

Create Your Custom Partners Desk

At AmishOutletStore.com, you can customize your furniture by choosing the wood, stain and style of your desk. Whether you want to work at your desk with someone else or want to have plenty of room to work on big projects by yourself, we can help you create a beautiful workspace which blends with your home style.

Add a Double Pedestal Desk to Your Home

Amish double desks can save you space by allowing two people to work on one surface. They are a smart addition to any home office and to any workspace. These executive desks have enough room for books, papers, printers and everything else you need.

Browse styles and options at AmishOutletStore.com or request more information today. Our desks are crafted by Amish artisans to high standards and are beautiful pieces designed to last for generations.