If you browse our furniture collections online at AmishOutletStore.com, you’ll notice many of our designs and styles can be traced back to a momentous time in history. The Shaker style, a trendy design featured in our furniture collections, has its own rich story to tell.

In the 1770s, a group called the Shakers broke apart from their Quaker origins. They dreamed of the opportunities that forming a new community in the United States could offer their members, and those dreams came to fruition when they established a new sect in Colonial America.

The Shakers believed their members should strive to lead simple, modest and hard-working lives. Built upon their core values, Shaker communities thrived with ground-breaking creations. Among them, the Shaker style of furniture found its beginning, and today, the Shaker style is one of the most beautiful, well-known styles we offer.

In true Shaker fashion, Shaker-style furniture features practical construction over boastful design. Its traditional, clean design and functionality makes this style of furniture a comfortable addition to many homes. If your home needs new dining room furniture, our Shaker-style dining room products are an excellent choice.

Durability Meets Beauty With Shaker-Style Dining Room Furniture

Although simplistic in design, Shaker-style dining room furniture utilizes high-quality construction and materials. Your Shaker-style furniture will be custom-made by a skilled Amish artisan, who utilizes the expert techniques passed down from generations of dedicated furniture craftsmanship. From dining cabinets to tables and chairs, we can build a complete dining room set for you, or provide the accent piece to perfectly complement your existing dining room décor.

At AmishOutletStore.com, all our handmade products are custom-built just for you, so no two finished products are exactly the same. Our Shaker-style dining room furniture is available in many unique stains and wood types, including oak, brown maple, cherry and Q.S white oak. Complementing your wood type selection are many available wood stains, all of which can be sampled upon request.

Amish handcrafted furniture is known for its excellent construction and defining beauty, and you’ll receive both when you purchase a Shake- style dining room product from AmishOutletStore.com. We believe the best furniture should be built to last, so you’ll get exceptional value and long-term use out of your one-of-a-kind piece.

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If you’re looking for a fine addition for your dining room, browse our collection of Shaker-style dining room products online today. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home.

You deserve to enjoy an exceptional product of Amish craftsmanship. Shop today, and we’ll get started on designing your custom-made, Shaker-style dining room piece that’s sure to exceed your expectations.