Locally owned in Smithville, Ohio, AmishOutletStore.com has a vast collection of handmade, luxurious Amish Oak Furniture at reasonable prices. Every piece of furniture is created by experienced Amish artisans, who use only the best solid oak wood, as well as construction techniques that have been proven effective after being passed down for many generations.

Amish furniture is available in two main styles: Mission and Shaker. Mission oak furniture is characterized by straight lines, parallel slats and solid panels that highlight the natural grain of the wood. Shaker oak furniture is known for its simple use of clean, elegant lines designed for functionality and practicality. Each style has become increasingly popular in traditional and modern homes due to trends toward minimalism.

High-Quality Solid Oak Materials

We craft our Mission and Shaker oak furniture from kiln-dried solid oak wood to certify high levels of quality and durability. AmishOutletStore.com never uses particleboard, pressboard or artificial materials in our furniture.

The tops, faces, sides and frames of furniture pieces are typically constructed from solid oak wood. Bookcases, TV stands and other pieces of furniture you place against walls usually have a 1/4″ plywood back. A beautifully finished plywood back reduces the weight of the finished piece and allows the item to expand and shrink without the nicer wood splitting.

Because every piece of furniture is made from solid oak wood, they’re all slightly different. The natural differences in the wood coloring and grain ensure none of our pieces are exactly alike.

Benefits of Oak Wood for Furniture

Our Amish oak furniture is crafted to the highest quality standards. There are many reasons why our builders use this type of wood to create home furnishings:

  • Highly durable: Oak barnwood furniture is known for being strong. The materials resist warping in normal indoor conditions, so they can last as family heirlooms.
  • Economical: Amish Outlet Store offers Amish oak furniture at exceptional prices since these items are made with abundant materials.
  • Design capabilities: Amish craftsmen build a variety of furnishings with oak wood, which can be manipulated into different shapes.

Shop Oak Furniture by Room

Not only does Amish Outlet Store provide you with solid oak wood furniture, but we also make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our store has Amish oak furniture divided by category to assist during the selection process. Get the home furnishings you want with the flexibility to browse listings based on room.

You know your residential space better than anyone else. Whether you’re shopping for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining room, office or basement, we have what you need. Clicking on any of our product categories allows you to see multiple goods from talented Amish craftsmen.

Find Furniture That Fits Your Home Layout

Every home is one-of-a-kind on the inside, so you need to be aware of furniture sizing before it comes through your door. Amish Outlet Store helps our customers make educated purchases since we have helpful product details listed online.

Review any of our oak wood furniture listings by clicking on them, and you’ll see applicable dimensions. Verify that one of our pieces will suit your home before you buy it. Place tables, office desks and more exactly where you want knowing your order will be perfect for your home when it arrives.

Amish Oak Furniture Customized to Your Specifications

Since all our oak furniture is made to order, we give you the ability to customize every piece to your unique needs. Our solid oak can be stained in a variety of colors. We have many light, dark and medium-colored stains for you to choose from.

Our catalog of Mission and Shaker oak furniture is so large you can furnish your entire house at AmishOutletStore.com. Browse our oak living room furniture to create a space the entire family will love. We have a variety of sofas and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers and more.

You can also view our oak bedroom furniture collection and create a quiet sanctuary of relaxation. If you’re feeling productive, take a look at our oak office furniture, which is sure to improve your organization. Our oak dining room furniture will transform family meals and gatherings. Finally, you can enjoy an elegant bathroom vanity with our oak bathroom furniture.

Our Oak Furniture Lasts With Little Maintenance

Like all furniture, our Amish oak products benefit from occasional cleaning. We focus on selling pieces at our furniture store that you can use for generations, and routine cleaning helps you maintain the original look and finish on your home furnishings. No matter what variety of oak furniture you buy, the maintenance process is the same.

Wooden surfaces collect dust over time. Do your best to go over surfaces with a feather duster to keep the natural shine. Removing dust from solid wood furniture is helpful for preventing scratches, as well. Keep in mind, the best maintenance tip for hardwood furniture is to keep surfaces clean. You might choose to complement your investment with some placemats or coasters to reduce the chance of food and drink spills.

Cleaning wooden furniture should be a part of your weekly cleaning routine. Lift dirt, bacteria and other contaminants with dish soap and warm water, then dry your Amish oak furniture fully.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Quality Amish Oak Furniture

To learn more about our beautiful, sturdy oak furniture piece, don’t hesitate to contact us. Purchase oak furniture from AmishOutletStore.com today and get up to 33% off the regular retail price!