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When You Should Start Buying Baby Furniture

When You Should Start Buying Baby Furniture - Feature

Thinking ahead for your little one’s nursery is great because the sooner you start, the more time you give yourself to make changes and account for additional pieces. Plus, the further along you get in your pregnancy, the more tired you’ll feel. You’ll appreciate the stress-free time to relax instead of browsing for and moving furniture.

Deciding when to start shopping for baby furniture comes down to your preferences. Although some pieces are best to find earlier than later, there is no right or wrong way to shop. However, you will want to decide what features you do and don’t want for your furniture and determine what items will look cohesive in the nursery. If you want incredibly unique furniture, it would be best to order those pieces in advance. 

Shop Baby Furniture

When to Buy Baby Furniture

Shopping for your future little one can be fun and memorable. As soon as you know the gender or decide on the theme, you can begin looking for items that you want to incorporate into your nursery. You can also do some shopping even if you’re going to keep your baby’s gender a surprise. 

Some furniture pieces will take longer to come in than others, so getting ahead of the curve is always best, especially if you want a custom-made or genuinely unique piece. You should buy baby furniture that goes quickly out of stock, such as a crib, earlier in your pregnancy. 

Buying Baby Stuff When Pregnant

You shouldn’t expect to buy baby items as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant. You can wait until you find out the gender of the baby if you want a specifically themed room. Most themes are gender-inclusive, but many people still prefer to incorporate pinks for baby girls and blues for baby boys. So, instead of running to the store or building a cart on Amazon, start crafting a list or creating an online wishlist or registry. 

Whether you plan to have a baby shower can also affect when you start buying baby furniture. You want to have the items you need without unnecessary duplicates. For this reason, we suggest crafting a registry to ensure your friends and family buy the items you want and no one purchases the same thing. 

After your baby shower, you can determine what items you still need to purchase. At this point, you can plan to buy things on your own and use your registry as a checklist to prioritize big or expensive items that may take longer to come in. 

When to Buy a Baby Crib

The best time to buy a crib is during the second trimester. Many parents opt to purchase a crib after the baby is born because they plan to use a bassinet for the first few months. Cribs can take a while to come in, and you will need one eventually, so it’s better to order it sooner rather than later.

We recommend waiting to buy a crib until the second trimester because that’s when the chances of experiencing a miscarriage decrease. This is why many expecting parents share the news with friends and family during the second trimester. 

Furthermore, although it’s incredibly unlikely to affect you, some parents view buying baby gear early as a sign of bad luck. If you fall within this scope, you can wait as long as you feel it is appropriate to buy your crib. Of course, when pregnant, you should start buying baby stuff when you feel comfortable. That being said, try to allow yourself as much time as possible to prepare for your new arrival so you can spend time relaxing and being excited about this new chapter in your life. 

Setting up the Baby Nursery

Ideally, you want to have the nursery set up early enough that you don’t have to risk going without it, but not so soon that you feel like you’re waiting around for the baby to fill the room. Completing your nursery around the 37-week mark is a good goal. This timeframe will allow you to have a finished room if your baby arrives early and gives you extra time to change your mind about any final touches. 

Amish Outlet Store Makes Baby Furniture

Amish Outlet Store makes furniture by hand and offers customizable options that are stylish and safe. 

Cribs are typically made out of wood because they’re durable and easy to paint to match the look of your nursery. However, you might find formaldehyde in wooden household items and furniture, including those in your baby’s room. Exposure to and inhaling large amounts of formaldehyde can cause many serious health risks

Organic Formaldehyde Free Baby Furniture

Our furniture at Amish Outlet Store is organic and formaldehyde-free, ensuring the safety of you and your child. We craft unique wooden furniture that you can customize to create beautiful additions to your home. Our pieces are functional, and some are transformable so you can use them for many years. 

The Addison Conversion Crib is a transformable piece that serves as a crib, day bed and full bed. You can use this crib for your newborn and already have the parts for your child’s new bed when they grow out of it.

Our 3-in-1 transformable high chair triples as a rocking chair and desk. This piece will help save you space and provide your child with furniture that will promote imagination and stimulation as they grow. 

We also have the Avery High Chair and Avery Child’s Rocker for more traditional pieces. We craft both pieces from oak, and you have various stain options to match. 

You can use our Berkley 6 Drawer Dresser to store diapers and other items and use the flat top as a changing table. For additional storage, our Berkley Nightstand has three drawers that you can use for your child’s clothes while maintaining a cohesive nursery. 

Amish Outlet Store offers a range of furniture that you can use from when your child is a newborn to when they’re ready to take steps on their own. From cribs and dressers to bookcases and toy chests, all of our furniture is chemical-free, organic, safe and beautiful. 

Shop Amish-Made Baby Furniture

Shop Amish Made Baby Furniture

Amish Outlet Store is proud to offer American-made furniture created from solid wood. Our pieces are functional and durable, and we craft them using construction techniques passed down from generations. We make our furniture to last and keep your family safe from the day you bring your baby home to the time they’re talking, walking and eating on their own. 

Natural wood grains create distinctive pieces that are beautiful and unique. With the ability to customize all your furniture, you can have elegant pieces that are perfect for your home. For a wide range of baby nursery furniture that is organic and formaldehyde-free, shop our selection of baby furniture and transform your nursery with traditional or conversion pieces. 


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