Are you looking to furnish your baby’s nursery or bedroom? Our collection of Amish Baby Furniture includes everything you need to make your nursery look gorgeous, while also providing the functionality required to simplify the process of caring for your cherished new addition to your family. Choose from an assortment of cradles, changing tables, cribs, high chairs, dressers and more. 

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High-Quality Baby Furniture for Peace of Mind

All of our Amish Baby Furniture pieces feature American made craftsmanship and durable materials that are completely safe for your baby. Choose from sturdy, northern kiln-dried hardwoods including cherry, maple and hickory — solid materials that provide maximum stability and give you peace of mind. Our baby furniture is meticulously handcrafted by experienced Amish furniture makers who genuinely care about the quality of the pieces they produce. They make every item as if it were intended for their own children.

With So Many Choices, How Do I Find the Right Amish Baby Furniture?

From cribs to nursery sets, we offer a large selection of solid wood Amish baby furniture. Our options are designed to fit your every need, whether you’re welcoming your first baby or your fifth. What baby furniture is right for your home? There’s no cause to feel overwhelmed. Instead consider your options, such as:

  • Are you looking for nursery furniture or just a crib? If you already have furniture for your nursery or plan to repurpose pieces from elsewhere in the house, then stick to our solidly constructed cribs. But if you want everything to match and look perfectly put together, then a set would be your smartest choice.
  • Do you like light or dark finishes? We offer both options. It’s easy to cut back significantly on your choices by eliminating all of the dark hues or all of the light hues.
  • Would you prefer a particular style? While all our Amish nursery sets and baby cribs are well made, they’re designed differently. Some appear more modern, while others look rustic. It’s fun to imagine each type of furniture in your home, and you’ll know instinctively which look matches your current décor.

What Furniture Do I Need for My Baby?

Babies are tiny, but they have a lot of needs. At the minimum, you will have to get for your nursery:

  • A crib
  • A dresser
  • A diaper changing table, though many people use the top of a solidly constructed dresser instead
  • A trash can
  • A rocking chair for soothing baby back to sleep

You may also find you need other things as your child grows older, such as an end table or bookcase. But you can wait to purchase those if you prefer.

How Can I Match My Décor to My New Amish Baby Furniture Made of Solid Wood?

In addition to being sturdy, all of our baby furniture is also very versatile. No matter what your décor, the new crib will fit in perfectly. We make our furniture in neutral tones, so you don’t have to worry about matching the décor. It will look as though it was made for your room.

Will My Child Be Safe in Amish Nursery Furniture?

We can answer that question with an unequivocal yes. We make our furniture to comply with strict safety standards. You never have to worry about your child being unsafe around our products. We use natural materials such as wood that won’t corrode over time or require expensive upkeep. We’re proud to offer choices we know you can rely on, day after day and year after year.

Can I Still Use These Pieces as My Child Ages?

Yes, you can. Our furniture can grow right along with your child. The value of our pieces is that you won’t need to replace them as your child ages. You can choose a convertible bed or a rocking chair that your child will one day sit in while reading a novel or finishing college applications.

Our Prices Are Friendly to Any Household Budget

At, we understand that families with young children need to watch every penny. With our broad assortment of money-saving discounts, we’ll help keep your furniture costs as low as possible. Purchase any piece from our baby furniture collection right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price. We also offer a large-order discount that is perfect for reducing costs when furnishing an entire home nursery from the ground up.

Why not check out our complete selection of beautiful solid wood Amish Baby Furniture right now? You’ll be glad you did!