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What the Modern Home Looks Like With Amish Furniture

What the Modern Home Looks like with Amish Furniture

Many people have a misconception that “traditional” is not compatible with “modern.” That couldn’t be further from the truth! To us, “traditional” refers to the way furniture is made. It means using techniques that have worked for many years already and which produce furniture that holds up for many years to come. If you appreciate quality and dependability, then traditional furniture is exactly what you’re looking for — and who doesn’t value those things?

Kingswood Amish Furniture Set

Traditional furniture looks fantastic in modern homes. From beds and dressers to chairs and more, Amish furniture will appear right at home in your contemporary house. Here, you can see what a modern home with Amish furniture looks like.

Amish Furniture at Home in a Contemporary House

Custom Modern Furniture in Your Home

One of the best things about our Amish-made furniture is that you can get it made to order. That means you can match our furniture to your existing decor. We have modern-looking woods such as Brown Maple, Hickory and Cherry, that will fit right in with your design style. Those looking for an Old World look may favor Oak or Q.S. White Oak, which have a lighter color and more distinctive grain.

We further customize our furniture with stains, many of them sleek and modern-looking, such as Antique Slate and Onyx. These deep stains look like those you will find on modern wood furniture, too, with bold coloring and rich detail.

Real Wood With Excellent Lines

Authentic, durable, high quality wood

The wood we use in our Amish furniture is an authentic, durable, high-quality material. Modern design favors such exceptional building blocks. The lines on modern furniture are bold and decisive. That’s exactly what you will find with our Amish furniture.

Many people make the mistake of associating “traditional” with “old.” That is simply not true. Some of the design details we use to style our furniture for more modern tastes include:

  • Two-tone pieces
  • Different types of bases for tables
  • Smoother grains of wood with fewer waves

Exceptional Quality Meets Modern Furniture Standards

Amish Construct Each Piece by Hand

The style of Amish furniture production is what makes it traditional. These pieces are made using methods that have been employed by the Amish for centuries. They do not rely on any modern means of production, such as using production lines. They construct each piece by hand and pay attention to the smallest of details. Unlike the furniture sold by other retailers, Amish furniture is built to last, meeting the high standards set by modern consumers. Far from being old-fashioned, this furniture stands the test of time and will outlive any momentary trend with its classic style.

Mission-Style Furniture Suits Modern Living Spaces

Straightforward Approach to Designs

Our Amish furniture comes in two different styles — Mission and Shaker. Our Mission-type furniture has a simpler look that fits into modern homes. Shaker looks more like the antique-style furniture that many associate with the Amish.

Mission furniture looks at home in a modern kitchen, living room or dining room and bedroom. You can put it anywhere you please and feel confident it will match your existing decor. The straightforward approach to these designs helps them blend into their surroundings. You get a well-made piece that may even become an heirloom you can hand down to your own kids one day.

Buy Modern Home Furniture Online From AmishOutletStore.com

It seems fitting that we offer traditional furniture that’s perfect for a modern home via a modern method of delivery — online. You can buy all our pieces through our website. We can get you more information about anything you see on our site, too. Browse through our solid wood modern furniture today to find the pieces you love for your house.


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