Characteristics of Shaker-Style Furniture


The Shakers, formally known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, were a religious group that first came to America in the 18th century in order to escape persecution in their native England. The Shakers were known for their communal lifestyle that included adhering to values such as humility and hard work. One of the Shakers’ core beliefs was that engaging in manual labor represented an act of worship. While few Shakers can be found in the United States today, their legacy lives on in the beautiful Shaker-style furniture that is found in homes all across the nation.

These days, the Amish carry on the Shaker tradition of excellence by painstakingly handcrafting Shaker-style furniture that stands the test of time. As you might expect from the modest, industrious people who originated it centuries ago, Shaker-style furniture is known for its simplicity and functionality. But Shaker-style furniture isn’t just practical – its clean, elegant lines and traditional charm make it a stylish addition to any home.

Modern furniture designers have incorporated the creativity of the Shakers into their work. You’ll see the same elegant, clean line themes in attractive furniture pieces for the dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom, resulting in numerous Shaker offshoots such as English, Monterey and Classic Amish styles.

Shaker-Style Furniture Uses Many Different Wood Types


In addition to superior craftsmanship, what makes authentic Shaker-Style furniture so durable is the high quality of the wood used in the manufacturing process. Hardwood Shaker furniture may be made from oak, cherry, maple or other solid woods. Whether you prefer cherry wood Shaker furniture, oak Shaker furniture or any other wood type, you can be sure of having a beautiful piece or entire set that can be passed down through many generations.

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