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Amish Clocks

Have you ever been envious of a beautiful clock in a friend’s home and wished you had one of your very own? Our collection of beautiful solid wood Amish Clocks can help make your dream come true! Choose from an assortment of elegant McCoy and Morgan Clocks — you’ll even find a clock with a built-in wine rack that is sure to be the center of attention at any party or other social gathering.


Seamlessly Incorporate Your Décor

Designed with the grandfather clock in mind, our Amish wooden clocks are the addition to your home that you have been searching for. They have just the right amount of style and class to be beautifully placed in the more formal sitting or dining rooms, without having so much pretentious air that they seem out of place when in the kitchen or family room. Built from kiln-dried hardwoods such as Hickory, Cherry, Maple and Oak, we guarantee that there’s a style and design suited perfectly for your home.

Despite the fact that our Amish clocks are a timeless treasure, there are a few design suggestions we have for making the most of this elegant timepiece. The sturdy design of the McCoy clock suggests that it may be better suited for the rough and tumble atmosphere of the family room, while the McCoy clock with glass door and the Morgan clock are both a bit more elegant in design and thus better suited for an upscale room, such as the dining room or library.

Of course, we would never forget about the McCoy wine rack clock, which is clearly best suited for a kitchen or bar, to keep the refreshing wine close and handy.

With Proper Care, an Heirloom Is Born

Keep your Amish-made clocks in tip-top condition, and one day you’ll be able to pass it on to the next generation for them to enjoy in their own homes. As they pass it along to their children, it will slowly become a beloved family heirloom. Of course, before this can happen, it must first be well-maintained and cared for, which means you first must learn how to properly care for your hardwood furniture.

Cleaning and dusting your Amish wooden clocks on a regular basis is the first step toward keeping them looking new and shiny for many generations. When dusting wood, it’s important to remember to use clean cotton cloths, microfiber towels or lamb’s wool and always avoid feather dusters, since they can damage the finish.

In addition to a healthy dose of dusting and cleaning, you should also make sure that your wooden furniture remains free from the damages caused by the natural elements. This means keeping your Amish clocks out of direct sunlight, away from extreme heat and free of humidity. These conditions can cause the natural fibers in the wood to warp and discolor over time, which is bad for both the look and integrity of the furniture.

Durability for Generations

There is a level of pride and commitment that goes into the completion of each handcrafted Amish clock that’s sold through that you just don’t get from the big box stores. This level of craftsmanship, coupled with the natural strength and integrity of the hardwoods used in the construction of these clocks, is what makes them the most reliable and durable wooden clock you will ever own. They are designed and constructed to be used for multiple generations, rather than multiple years.

Experience the Difference

At, we produce expertly handcrafted furniture that stands the test of time. That's because we use only the finest materials to create our furniture, including northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as Oak, Maple and Cherry, and numerous attractive wood stains. The clock mechanisms feature Hermie battery-operated quartz movement to ensure accurate, reliable timekeeping over many years of use. And with the superior Amish craftsmanship that goes into every piece we sell, you never have to worry about the durability of your clock.

High-Quality Products at Unbeatable Prices

Take advantage of our multiple discounts to minimize your furniture costs. Purchase any clock from our collection right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price. We also offer a large order discount where you can save up to an additional 13%, as well as a 3% discount when paying by check. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you explore all of your money-saving options.

Take the First Step Today!

Take a look at our beautifully made Amish clocks today to discover the perfect design, wood type and finish to complete the look in your home. Use our convenient online ordering tool to place your custom order and then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. When your Amish-made clock is finished and has undergone quality control, we’ll deliver it directly to you. It really is that simple!