Our collection of solid wood Amish Youth Chairs is designed with your little ones in mind. They’re perfect for a living room or bedroom, and some models even include built-in foot rests. Choose from a wide range of attractive styles such as the Acorn Youth Chair, Sunburst Youth Chair, Windsor Youth Chair, Wrap Around Youth Chair and many others.

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Find the Perfect Amish Solid Wood Youth Chair for Your Loved One

Kids don’t come in one shape or size. They’re big and small, quiet and loud, serious and silly. Just like kids come in different types, our chairs come in many shapes and sizes, too, to suit each individual child. We offer many choices because we know parents, grandparents and others buying Amish youth chairs prefer to have a big selection.

To narrow down your choices, ask yourself a few questions about what you intend to use the new chair for:

  • Will this be a chair for a little one’s desk? If so, get one that faces forward, such as the Youth Chair, so they can sit comfortably while looking ahead.
  • Are you buying a chair for a kitchen table? If so, then a Swivel Youth Chair in Oak may work, as your child can turn from side to side to watch you prepare meals.
  • Does your child like to get into chairs independently? If so, make sure the chair you choose has a bar in the front for easy climbing. Try the Sheaf Youth Chair in Oak or the Sunburst Youth Chair in Oak.

Decorating Tips: Accessorize to Match Your Solid Wood Youth Chairs

One fun part of getting new furniture is tying it into the décor you already have. When you buy our Amish solid wood youth chairs, you’ll get a chance to be creative with how you arrange your existing furniture and adding new accessories to dress up the room. Consider these ideas for making your new chair fit right in with your existing pieces:

  • Get a custom-stained chair. When you buy a wood oak chair, you can get it stained in several different colors, depending on which one would be the right combination with the furniture you have already. Consider your wall color as well to find the right fit.
  • Buy accent pieces to match your new chair. There are many wood accent pieces you can buy to complement your new youth chair, such as picture frames for your walls or tables for the middle of the room. Pick stains that match the new chair.
  • Put a bright bow on the chair. Bows can dress up a piece of furniture and are an appealing way to offset the wood grain of a youth chair with soft fabric. Choose a color that fits in with your existing décor and ties together the room. For instance, you may want a bow that matches your sofa if you put the chair in the living room or one that matches your child’s comforter if it’s going in their bedroom.
  • Get matching furniture. If you feel like shaking up the room, consider getting new furniture from AmishOutletStore.com that matches your new youth chair. The sturdy Amish-built furniture will last for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about getting replacements. We make our products from the highest-quality materials. Getting new furniture sets to match your new oak youth chair is the perfect way to bring your entire room together.

Don’t Take Chances With Mass-Produced Kids Furniture

You certainly don’t want your small children sitting on flimsy furniture that comes from some overseas factory. Our American made Amish Youth Chairs are crafted completely by hand, by conscientious Amish artisans who make quality their number-one priority. We also use only the finest northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, maple and cherry, not cheap particle board or pressboard. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your youngsters are seated on a rugged home furnishing that is tough enough to handle the punishment that kids can dish out.

We’ll Help You Keep Your Household Furniture Budget Under Control

If yours is like many families with young children, you need to keep a close eye on the household budget. With our vast array of discounts, we give you many ways to minimize your furniture costs. Purchase any item from our youth chair collection right now and get up to 33% off the regular price. Our large-order discount offers a great way to experience additional savings when purchasing multiple pieces.

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