Have you ever been envious of a beautiful grandfather clock in a friend’s home and wished you had one of your very own? Our collection of beautiful solid wood Amish clocks can help make your dream come true! Choose from an assortment of elegant McCoy and Morgan Clocks.

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We Specialize in Heirloom-Quality Amish Furniture

At AmishOutletStore.com, we produce expertly handcrafted furniture that stands the test of time. That’s because we use only the finest materials to create our furniture, including northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, maple and cherry, and numerous attractive wood stains. The clock mechanisms feature Hermie battery-operated quartz movement to ensure accurate, reliable timekeeping over many years of use. Our solid wood furniture is made in the U.S.A., and with the superior Amish craftsmanship that goes into every piece we sell, you never have to worry about the durability of your clock.

What Makes an Amish Clock Unique?

When you think of grandfather clocks, you think of the preservation of a time gone by. A simpler time where doing a job well, and doing it right, was paramount. That’s the kind of feeling that Amish solid wood grandfather clocks bring to a home. These solid wood Amish clocks are unique in that they are made by dedicated craftsmen with the utmost care, using the finest northern kiln-dried hardwoods like cherry, maple, and oak. These artisans design these clocks to last and look great for years and years. There’s very little that gives a living room character and atmosphere like an Amish grandfather clock.

What Style of Décor Goes Well with an Amish Clock?

Amish Clocks can give a sophisticated, old-world feel to just about any décor. Even a living room with a more modern feel has room for a beautiful, solid wood grandfather clock. Solid wood clocks from AmishOutletStore.com come in a variety of woods, including maple and oak, as well as a number of different stains, so you can match your grandfather clock’s look to fit any living room set.

How Do I Select the Best Amish Clock for My Room?

When it comes to solid wood grandfather clocks from AmishOutletStore.com, you’ve got some great choices, so how do you choose the best Amish clock for your room? Amish Outlet Store McCoy clocks come with or without a glass door, or even with a wine rack for a unique twist that’s sure to get your guests talking. If the McCoy clocks aren’t to your taste, there are gorgeous Morgan clocks to choose from, too.

To find the right one for you, consider your personal preference, your family’s preference, and don’t be afraid to get the input of friends and neighbors as well. You can also create a digital mockup of your room and play with putting different Amish clocks into it to see which one seems right to you. Many people find out that there’s one clock that jumps right out at them.

Is This Clock Durable Enough to Hold Up to Everyday Wear and Tear?

It sure is, and this is one of the best things about purchasing solid wood Amish clocks. Superior craftsmanship is the Amish watchword. These furniture makers painstakingly construct all of these Amish clocks to be durable and to last. Your Amish grandfather clock should give you joy for years and years. In fact, with proper care, you should expect to be able to pass an Amish solid wood clock on to your children and your grandchildren.

If the idea of having a beautiful clock like this, or any quality Amish furniture in your home, appeals to you, be aware that AmishOutletStore.com has some fantastic deals on attractive, durable, heirloom-quality Amish furniture. You can get major discounts on an Amish clock today, and even deeper discounts on multiple purchases. Take a look at what’s available so you can start enjoying Amish furniture in your home as soon as possible.

Many Ways to Save at AmishOutletStore.com

Take advantage of our multiple discounts to minimize your furniture costs. Purchase any clock from our collection right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price. We also offer a large order discount where you can save up to an additional 10%. Our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Consultants will be happy to help you explore all of your money-saving options.

Take a closer look at our collection of gorgeous solid wood Amish Clocks and order yours today!