The huge collection of Amish Sofas & Chairs you’ll find at offers the unbeatable combination of comfort and style. You also get the benefit of the time-tested Amish furniture making process that cannot be replicated in today’s mass-production furniture factories where quantity is more important than quality. American made by highly skilled and experienced Amish craftsmen that use only the finest hardwoods such as Oak, Maple, Cherry and Q.S. White to handcraft our chairs and sofas, so you’ll never have to worry about durability.

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Choosing the Right Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture

  • Comfort: When you sink into one of our living room sofas or chairs, you won’t want to get back up. They provide just the right amount of cushion and support.

Glancing at all the solid wood furniture we have for sale, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options, ranging from bedroom sets to chairs and loveseats. However, ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your choices when you’re looking to buy wood furniture from our Amish collection:

  • How big is the room you’re furnishing? If you’re working with a space such as a small living room, for instance, then you may be better off with a Shaker Loveseat rather than a Shaker Sofa. Pick smaller chairs, too, that don’t have footstools to help save space.
  • Is my living space formal or informal? If you need more formal pre-made furniture, our leather choices such as the Urban Chair in Oak may suit your needs. If your room is less formal, though, you may value comfort above all else. In that case, we recommend indulging in a cozy chair such as the Liberty Mission Chair in Oak.
  • What’s the color scheme in your room? Much of our Amish Shaker furniture, such as the Arlington Loveseat in Oak or Caledonia Chair in Oak, is made in neutral tones to complement just about any existing décor. But if you want a pop of color to liven up your room, try wood furniture that features more dynamic colors, such as the J Mission Glider in Oak or Landmark Recliner.

Matching Your Existing Décor With Your New Custom Bedroom Furniture Sets

You’ve chosen your new wood furniture pieces, and you can’t wait to get them home to your bedroom. However, once you get the new furniture in the room, you realize the décor you have in place now doesn’t work with your new furniture. Resist the urge to run out and buy all new décor and instead use these ideas to make old-fashioned and custom bedroom sets fit right in:

  • Repurpose décor from elsewhere in the house. This is a classic designer secret. Instead of buying new things, look around the house for something you could move into your bedroom to bridge the gap between your new and old furniture. Perhaps you have a table in the entryway made of the same solid oak as your new chair, or maybe there’s a picture with a frame similar in color to your new glider.
  • Use small accents to play off your Amish collections. Instead of buying a new dresser, for example, first try out a new jewelry box for on top of the dresser that will draw the eye. For the long term, replacing out-of-place furniture may be the best idea, but in the short term, you can cover up any non-matching pieces with strategically placed tablecloths, runners or fun items such as jewelry boxes.
  • Embrace a new color scheme. A fresh coat of paint on your walls may be all you need to make your new furniture fit in better. Match a highlight from the wood or try a totally wild color that will complement the new piece.

Expect Excellent Durability From Our Collections

When you buy wood furniture for bedrooms or sofas for living rooms, you expect these pieces to last. They’ll be used day in and day out, and it’s important to have confidence in their long-term prospects. At, we stand behind the ability of our furniture to weather daily wear and tear. It’s designed to last, and we take pride in the reputation we’ve earned for making sturdy but attractive furniture that appeals to a great many people.

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We offer beautiful solid wood Amish Sofas & Chairs for virtually any room in your home. Whether you’re moving into a new home, embarking on a full-scale home makeover or simply looking to add badly needed home furnishings, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at

Take a few minutes to browse our extensive inventory of stylish solid wood Amish Sofas & Chairs and prepare to be amazed at what you see!