Nothing says “sophistication” like early American made furniture. Inspired by the styles favored by our forefathers, who loved classic looks and conservative patterns, our collection of early American living room furniture offers a variety of chairs and sofas that can lift the pedigree of any sitting room.

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We love the subtle differences in each of these designs. The sofas may have low or high backs. The chairs are wide or narrow. Besides looking unique, they share things in common:

  • Durability: Feel free to sit in this furniture all you want! We design our pieces for everyday use. They can withstand regular wear and tear for a long period of time.
  • Quality: Our pieces have been handcrafted by trained artisans. They’re made from the finest materials, and they also have an aesthetic appeal that draws people to them. In other words, they look great!

Where to Put Your Early American Furniture

Our upholstered sofas and chairs will look classy no matter what room you choose to display them in. Many people choose the living room, of course. Our sofas are big enough for several people to sit on them, and they provide a great place to gather and talk late into the evening. Putting a couple chairs alongside them around a coffee table makes for a cozy seating area.

That’s not the only place to use our early American furniture, though. Many people love putting a single sofa or chair in their bedroom, to jazz up a sitting area or just perch at the end of the bed. Others say our chairs make the perfect addition to a small entryway. Place one next to one of our occasional tables for a fun twist on the traditional hallway.

Matching Your New Furniture with Your Old

When people buy new furniture, their first concern is how to fit the new pieces into their existing décor. Luckily, our early American upholstered furniture has versatile patterns, wood and sizes that make it easy to find pieces that complement your existing tables, chairs or loveseats, no matter their style.

You can also add accent pieces such as vases, frames and table runners, that pull from the new and old furniture, deftly tying them together. Consider bringing in pieces from other rooms, too, and play around with the layout of the room to feature your new piece.

You may also want to consider buying matching furniture sets from us to complement your new early American furniture. We offer many possibilities, from living room to bedroom sets, depending on which room you want to decorate.

Buy Early American Living Room Furniture for Your Home Today!

Make an investment in your family’s future with our high-quality, exceptionally sturdy living room chairs and sofas. You’ll smile every time you sit down on our unique, original designs. Make your purchase today!