Quick Ship Rules

Do you want your furniture in a hurry? We can ship within twelve to fourteen weeks to any location. You may even get your order sooner, depending on where you live. The quick turnaround allows you to get new furniture for a new home quickly or redecorate your office before an internal deadline.

Our guidelines include:

  • No customization on quick ship furniture
  • Only available for specific wood type(s) and stain color(s) listed
  • Only available with standard hardware
  • Stain color must be selected in a timely manner for the order to ship on time — OCS stains and some painted available, depending on the item
  • No two-tone finishing

Everything on your invoice must be quick ship to use this option. We make the process of requesting quick ship furniture easy and efficient. When you schedule a delivery with us, we discuss the restrictions for quick ship again to ensure you understand your items’ eligibility.

About Quick Ship Furniture

Quick ship furniture is not customized, unlike other orders from AmishOutletStore.com. This allows for a faster turnaround time. Many offices demand large orders of furniture on a deadline, or you may require baby furniture for a new family member. Quick ship furniture lets you fulfill your buying needs without having to wait out a long delivery process.

You can find items eligible for quick ship on our website. Keep in mind if it is not designated as eligible, you can’t get it with the twelve-fourteen week turnaround. We can answer any questions you have about the program’s availability for your furniture choices.

Find Outstanding Amish Furniture at AmishOutletStore.com

AmishOutletStore.com sells furniture made by Amish artisans. Each piece we sell is handcrafted by the Amish, who learned their trade by watching the generations before them make furniture. Each piece of American made Amish furniture relies on traditional methods, such as mortise and tenon jointing, which is sturdier than other methods.

We use only the best materials to create furniture pieces with a classic style you can display in any home. Items we sell are made to last for years. Our exceptional craftsmanship and fantastic building materials create furniture that can withstand long-term wear and tear. Many of our customers tell us they consider their AmishOutletStore.com purchases heirloom-quality and plan to pass them along to their children and grandchildren one day.

Browse our extensive selection of desks, chests, chairs, tables, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, and more to find the pieces you need to complete your office or home. We offer up to 33% off everyday pricing on our furniture, plus monthly specials. Order your quick ship furniture today or get in touch to learn more.