Looking for a great way to show off your collectibles and other treasured items? Our large selection of handcrafted solid wood Amish Curios/Display cases can provide a practical, space-saving solution, while also making an attractive furniture addition to your home. Choose from nearly 100 different, American made models in various shapes, sizes and styles – there’s sure to be several options that would be perfect for your home!

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It doesn’t matter what you collect. It could be family heirlooms, dolls, cars, memorabilia, figurines, or any collection you prize and cherish. Creating a collection is a great family pastime, from searching for the perfect pieces to displaying your collection for all to see. We offer a variety of Amish curio and display cases in our catalog because we know that each collection is different, and you want the perfect display case for yours. Maybe you need a compact display case for a small room, or maybe you have a very large collection and need lots of shelves and space. Perhaps you have a growing collection and want to plan for future pieces, and would like two or more cases to create an impressive display.

Customize Your Curio to Suit Your Unique Tastes!

Here at AmishOutletStore.com, we believe in giving our customers plenty of choices when it comes to the construction and appearance of their furniture. Start by selecting from one of several northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple and hickory. There are also multiple gorgeous wood stain options that allow you to provide the right finishing touch. Talented Amish artisans will use your selection to create a beautiful, well-built, furniture piece you’ll be proud to have in your home for years to come.

You’re proud of your collection, and want to show it off. The same should go for your furniture. Don’t display your beautiful prized possessions in a mass-market piece of furniture that rolled off an assembly line at the lowest cost. Instead, opt for quality American-made Amish furniture that is produced by artisans working right here in our country. You can be sure that the materials and finishes are topnotch, and they meet the rigorous standards the Amish name implies. These hardworking craftsmen use the same traditions their parents and grandparents taught them, traditions they are passing on to a new generation of Amish artisans.

Every Amish curio cabinet and display case is made from beautiful Northern kiln-dried hardwood. Each piece is chosen for its grain and appearance to create a harmonious finished cabinet. You can customize your display case right here on our site by choosing the wood and stain that suits your décor. Maybe you want a wood and stain that perfectly matches your existing furniture, or maybe you want something that contrasts. Many of our Amish curio cabinets and display cases belong to larger home furnishing collections, so you can also choose a whole set if you’re replacing everything.

Our Amish-Made Furniture Is Easy on the Budget

It doesn’t cost a fortune to make a handcrafted Amish Curio/Display Case a part of your home décor. With our vast array of money-saving discounts, our furniture can fit even the tightest household budgets. Purchase any curio or case right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price! Other ways to save include taking advantage of our large-order discount, numerous monthly specials and other ongoing promotions.

What are you most proud of? Is it your mother’s tea set? Awards and prizes from your children’s school endeavors? Trophies from sporting events from your whole family? A special collection you’ve spent years putting together? All of these objects deserve to be displayed in a prominent location in your home. Don’t leave them collecting dust on an open shelf or hide them away in a drawer. Give them a beautiful background that will showcase their value to everyone who enters your home.

A hardwood Amish display case or curio cabinet can also be used in an office, club, church, or school. The attractive designs are classy and elegant in any setting, and the solid, durable construction means they can take the wear and tear that comes with public use. It’s not a problem if you need to move your Amish furniture around. Modern, mass-produced furniture can quickly become damaged if moved, since the joints and hardware are meant for fast and easy installation, not long-term durability. An Amish cabinet is built as a solid unit, and it will look good for years to come.

Take a few minutes to browse our current Amish Curio/Display Case selection and order yours today!