Attractive, American made Amish Sofa Tables bring the ideal combination of form and function to any living room or family room. Place one next to or behind your sofa or love seat, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the room’s décor. These stylish tables also have many practical applications. Use them for storing books and magazines, displaying knickknacks or even as a coffee table. And with dozens of single sofa tables and Shaker table sets to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pieces for your home!

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All Amish-made furniture is constructed from solid American hardwood, kiln-dried in the northern states and assembled using traditional, proven methods. It’s beautiful, durable furniture that will last for generations. In many families, Amish furniture is passed down from parents to children, so they can continue to enjoy it with their children. Handsome solid wood Amish sofa tables can suit any room and décor. Wood goes well with any type of sofa design, from traditional fabrics, beautiful floral designs, or even modern, contemporary styles. With a few simple accents, like a doily or lamp, your Amish sofa table will look right at home in your living room or family room.

A Welcome Departure From Store-Bought Furniture

Buying furniture from one of those big-box stores or mass merchandisers may save you a little money upfront. But these “bargain basement” pieces rarely stand the test of time. Our Amish Sofa Tables are handcrafted with care by highly skilled Amish furniture makers who don’t believe in taking shortcuts or using inferior materials. Every table is made from your choice of solid, durable hardwoods such as oak, maple and rustic cherry. You’ll get a high-quality piece that will provide excellent long-term value for your money.

It’s more than the quality of the wood. Authentic hardwood furniture has always been popular, but over time many cheap, low-cost alternatives have arrived on the market. From plastic and resin to faux-wood furniture made from press wood, laminates and composites, these second-rate options simply aren’t built like traditional Amish furniture. There are several factors that make mass-produced furniture less than ideal:

  • Generally designed for easy shipping and assembly and disassembly, mass-produced furniture simply can’t match the durability of solid, craftsmen-made Amish furniture.
  • Harsh chemicals and solvents are often used in the manufacture of furniture composed of laminates and composites. This explains the unpleasant odor of most big-box furniture.
  • Usually you don’t have much choice in customizing mass-produced furniture. You have to choose from the pieces in stock or from a limited range in a catalog.
  • You don’t know the conditions in which low-cost furniture was produced.

All of these reasons combined make Amish furniture more appealing. Many people choose our solid Amish sofa tables for their designs. Supporting hardworking Amish artisans is an added bonus when you order furniture from Amish Outlet. Our methods are based on many traditions, and they continue to be passed onto the next generation. You’re not only buying a sofa table, you’re buying a piece of Amish craftsmanship. We’re sure your new hardwood sofa tables will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Many Ways to Save at

Speaking of value, we offer multiple money-saving discounts that will help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Purchase any of our solid wood Amish Sofa Tables right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price! Discounts are also available for large furniture orders. What’s more, we offer many monthly specials and other promotions that can make the final price of furniture even lower.

With prices this attractive, you won’t want to stop at sofa tables! You can also choose many different coffee and accent tables that match your sofa tables. You can even pick and choose pieces from different furniture sets and create your own style living room set. If you see one of our models in a wood or color that doesn’t suit, don’t worry! You can personalize your sofa tables right here on our site. Choose from a range of woods and beautiful protective stains, and custom create the perfect tables for your home. Our Amish artisans will then work to create your tables according to their traditional methods. The result is always a unique, timeless sofa table built especially for you.

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