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Nowadays, many of us don’t take time to enjoy a proper breakfast. We rush here and there and forget how important it is to enjoy a moment with our family first thing in the morning. A comfortable, inviting Amish breakfast nook set is a great way to encourage your whole family to get together for breakfast and enjoy each other’s company. What’s a better way to start your day?

A breakfast nook table set is also a convenient place for a quick lunch or dinner. It keeps everyone close together, whether they’re at the table or preparing food in the kitchen. We carry a range of different styles and sizes of solid wood breakfast nooks, including convenient corner nooks that don’t take up a lot of space in the middle of your room. Some of our corner breakfast nook sets are ideal for small houses and apartments, and they bring a touch of traditional living to even the most modern home.

Superior Materials and Old-Fashioned Amish Craftsmanship

Our solid wood breakfast nook sets feature multiple hardwood choices such as oak, cherry, maple and hickory. These attractive woods are also known for their unsurpassed durability, ensuring your set will last as long as you own your home, and probably much longer. You can also select from numerous customizable options that allow you to create a finished product that meets your exact specifications. Our team of Amish master crafters will use time-tested methods to construct furniture of the highest quality — they don’t use modern machinery or take shortcuts!

When you try to find furniture at big box stores, you’re usually limited to just a few styles, colors and finishes. That means settling for a breakfast nook that isn’t perfect for your space, layout or décor. We’ve remedied that here at We allow you to add some real customization to our wide selection of breakfast nook furniture sets:

  • Start by selecting the right nook. Some are available with benches all around, while others come with a mix of benches and chairs for more flexible seating.
  • Now choose your wood. Are you partial to oak, or do you prefer the warmth and feel of maple? Maybe cherry is more your style? You have these and many more hardwood options.
  • The finishing touch is the stain. With over a dozen different stains available, you can go from light and bright to dark and intense.

Some of our Amish breakfast nooks even come with padded seating areas, which gives you one more way to customize and match to your décor! And since we have many great kitchen and dining collections, you can also choose additional accent pieces to complement your solid wood breakfast nook in the same style, wood and stain.

Great Value and Attentive Service: That’s the Way!

We offer affordable Amish furniture that won’t take a big bite out of your household budget. Order any breakfast nook set today and get as much as 33% off the regular retail price! Other ways to save include our large-order discount and special promotions. And you can count on our friendly Sales Consultants to assist you throughout the ordering and purchasing process.

Support the hardworking Amish artisans who have been crafting their classic furniture for generations. You’re not just buying a piece of furniture — you’re investing in a legendary industry that is steeped in tradition and quality. Instead of sending your money to a company that builds to the lowest cost somewhere overseas, put your hard-earned dollars into American-made solid wood furniture. You’ll feel proud every time you sit down for a meal at your breakfast nook knowing where it comes from and that it has a real story behind it.

A flimsy mass-produced breakfast nook might not be able to withstand the wear and tear your family can dish out day in and day out. Solid wood Amish tables, chairs and benches, however, are up to the challenge. There are no cheap plastic pieces and hardware to break, and no thin veneers to peel and crack. Find out why generations of families have chosen traditional Amish materials and workmanship for their dining furniture.

Take a look at our entire collection of solid wood Amish Breakfast Nook Sets right now!