Add style and flair to your spare bedroom, den or family room with one of our Amish futons! Choose from our Contender Chair Futon, Jamaica Chair Futon, Liberty Futon, McIntosh Futon, Superior Spindle Futon. We offer McIntosh Coffee Tables and Cortland Futon with End Tables too. All made in in the United States.

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A solid wood Amish futon offers great versatility in your home. You can fold it into a couch when no one is using it, saving valuable space. When a guest needs a place to sleep, flip it back out for a comfortable sleep. Your guest will enjoy a snooze as good as they’d get in a bed.

We make sturdy, durable, American made furniture that holds up over the years. You can sit or sleep on the futon daily without experiencing dramatic long-term wear and tear. You can see the quality of our work in the exquisite wood we use on each Amish futons made of solid wood.

With So Many Amish Futons, How Do You Find the Right One?

We provide a wide selection of futons for our customers. Which one of these many choices is right for you? Much depends on what you want to use the bed for:

  • If you want storage space below the bed, you can choose a model with drawers beneath that can corral kids’ small toys or your magazine collection.
  • If you have a small room, you may prefer a chair futon, which takes up a lot less space than a full- or loveseat-sized option.
  • If you plan to sit in the futon more than sleep on it, you may desire a matching footrest that looks stylish and feels comfortable.

Match Your New Amish Futon to Your Existing Furniture

You don’t have to match your new futon exactly to the furniture that’s already in your room, but you will probably want to. Nothing looks sharper than a group of furniture that’s been designed to sit together. With a few shared accessories and a tasteful rug, the room will come together in a snap.

It can be difficult to find furniture that matches. Luckily, offers futon furniture sets. You can find matching end tables, couches and bookcases. You can even buy a grandfather clock in the same grain.

Pull Together Your Décor With These Styling Tips

If you’re still concerned about your décor mixing with your new Amish futon, try a few of these tips:

  • Match the color of the futon cover with accents around the room. This will be eye-pleasing and also make a statement about your love for bold hues.
  • Bring in a few matching knickknacks that tell a story. You want to infuse your home with your essence and the story of your family. Adding sentimental details to the room will help do that. Look around the house for souvenirs you may have stashed elsewhere that complement your new futon.
  • Switch the furniture around. Sometimes a room just needs a fresh perspective to look better.

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