While there’s a practical side to a cedar chest, there’s also a personal connection a family makes with this special piece of furniture. In the past, a blanket chest, or “hope chest,” as they’re often called, was filled with many of a family’s most prized possessions. It was a safe place for bedding, of course, but also for things like wedding dresses, important documents, photographs and other items that required protection and safeguarding.

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Perhaps your mother or grandmother has one?

A cedar hope chest is designed to sit at the end of the bed, but of course, you can put one anywhere you like. The high-quality natural hardwoods help control humidity and odors and keep your precious items safe and sound.

Built using traditional Amish methods, every one of our beautiful hardwood or cedar storage chests will be around for many years, and they can be passed on to your children. They’ll appreciate knowing that they’re continuing a family tradition, and have a special place to keep their own blankets, bedding and possessions.

We Give You Plenty of Ways to Customize Your Chest

A great way to get started with the selection of your chest is by using the helpful and convenient online design tool that you’ll find on every product page. Have fun experimenting with various combinations of hardwoods (oak, cherry, maple, hickory, etc.) and gorgeous wood stains. Once you’ve discovered the perfect design for your chest, our Amish master crafters will bring it to life by creating a solid wood masterpiece you will cherish forever.

Are you worried you don’t have much room and are lacking the space for one of our Amish hardwood or cedar blanket chests? Rest assured that we carry several different sizes. Some of our smaller wood blanket trunks are ideal for a child’s bedroom or small study, while our largest models look great at the foot of your bed or as a display piece elsewhere in your home. With over a dozen beautiful classic Mission and Shaker-style designs, you can choose a chest that suits the style of your room.

You can even take it a step further and customize your Amish chest right here on our website! Simply choose your favorite design, preferred wood, and the color and shade of stain you like. Depending on the total price of your order, we will apply a discount to thank you for your purchase.

Why not pick a different style hardwood or cedar blanket trunk for every member of your family? They’re especially wonderful for children to use in their bedrooms to store their bedding, clothes and toys. Built sturdy, with quality materials, your authentic wood blanket chests will withstand years and years of use.

Another interesting thing to know is that many of our Amish storage chests are part of a complete set of furniture. As a result, you can choose a bedroom set, for example, and get the matching hardwood hope chest. Some may prefer to get a trunk with a contrasting design so that it really stands out in your room as a centerpiece.

In all cases, the great choice in woods, grains, and stains means you can personalize your Amish blanket chest to suit any décor. Try that with mass-produced furniture, which usually comes in a limited range of materials, and only a handful of finishes.

Find the Right Cedar Storage Chest at Our Store

Amish Outlet Store knows you have a specific vision for the rooms in your home. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we provide you with details about our storage chests that are helpful for making the best selection for your setup. Whether you have an idea for your master bedroom or you’d like to get your kids the perfect wood toy box to keep spaces tidy, we’re your go-to source for handcrafted furniture ideal for your family.

We have over 40 different cedar chest styles available now. Check out our product descriptions to see which Amish storage chests are best suited for your applications based on size. We have product dimensions listed for all of our chests to make adding a new piece of furniture to your home straightforward.

Within our product descriptions, you’ll also find additional details about the cosmetic features of our Amish storage chests. See if a specific chest design has inlays, drawers, soft-close safety hinges, security locks and other technology.

What Should I Store in My New Cedar Chest?

Your options for storage are nearly endless with our hope chests. We find our customers use these furnishings to store belongings that may be too bulky for closets or chest drawers. This durable product can also serve as a convenient toy chest. Consider placing the following items in your custom cedar chest from Amish Outlet Store:

  • Pillows
  • Quilts and comforters
  • Sheets
  • Winter coats
  • Gloves and hats
  • Shoes and boots
  • Photo albums
  • Toys and games

Durable Amish Cedar Chests

Our hardwood cedar chests are versatile for your storage needs. You can also use these pieces as seats or for other uses. The flat lids on top of the chests are fantastic for tying your shoes or getting ready in the morning. Select Mission- and Shaker-style hope chests can be designed to support cushions for extra comfort. Get a chest trunk that serves multiple purposes from Amish Outlet Store.

How to Clean Our Amish Cedar Chests

Wooden storage chests from our store are built to last, but it helps to know how to clean their surfaces for a neat appearance. Luckily, the hope chests we offer require little maintenance. All you really need to do to preserve your cedar chest is dust its surfaces periodically. A soft feather duster is ideal for lifting dust particles without leaving scratches.

There may be a time you’d like to clean the drawer fronts, panel sides and lids. Use warm water and a drop of mild dish liquid to remove stubborn dirt. Make sure to have a spare cloth on hand to completely dry the wooden surfaces.

Save Money at AmishOutletStore.com!

Take advantage of our multiple discounts to get a fantastic deal on your chest. Purchase any piece from our collection right now and get up to 33% off the regular retail price. Discounts are also available for large orders. What’s more, you’ll find numerous special promotions that can help you save even more.

We want to make it possible for every family to own one of our special Amish blanket chests. Start filling your home with memories that you can pass on to the next generation.

You can choose and customize your Mission or Shaker-style hope chest right here on this site. Start by checking out our individual designs, ranging from low, space-saving slider models to larger, more elaborate designs that come complete with a padded top for seating.

You’ll enjoy creating your perfect cedar chest, and hardworking Amish artisans will take pride in crafting it to their exacting standards using century-old techniques. Don’t settle for a cheap, flimsy, unattractive hope chest that’s churned out of a mass-production facility. Choose the quality Amish blanket chest that your family deserves.

Please take a few minutes to browse our wide selection of expertly handcrafted solid wood Amish Cedar/Blanket Chests and let your imagination run wild as you explore the possibilities!