There’s something about gently swinging or swaying in a comfortable rocking chair or glider that can relieve the stress of the day and put your mind and body at ease. Our wide selection of solid wood Amish Rockers and Gliders includes pieces featuring the classic Mission and Shaker styles that have been a fixture in American homes for generations. You’ll also find an assortment of gliding ottomans and footstools – there’s something for every home!

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We Still Make Furniture the Old-Fashioned Way

Modern furniture-making processes tend to emphasize quantity instead of quality. At, we take the opposite approach. We employ the services of the finest Amish artisans who still make furniture the old-fashioned way: one American-made piece at a time and completely by hand. This ensures we only produce high-quality wood rocking chairs that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We never use cheap materials in our pieces, either. You get to choose from durable northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as cherry, maple and hickory.

What’s the Difference Between a Rocker and Swivel Glider Chair?

Our classic porch rockers and swivel gliders are unique in the way they move. Wooden rocking chairs from Amish Outlet Store rely on their legs to move back and forth. As for swivel glider rockers, there are mechanical pieces under the chair to guide your movement. Fixed legs stay in place on the floor with our swivel glider chairs.

A Durable, Amish-Made Living Room Rocking Chair

This dedication to old-fashioned furniture-making ensures you get the best possible product. Our solid wood living room rocking chair will remain strong for years to come, even if your teenager curls up in the glider nightly while talking on the phone or your three-year-old rocks on it for hours every day. It will even support a large, napping dog easily for hours at a time.

Our rocking chairs hold up to everyday wear and tear because we crafted them that way. We know how to make solid, dependable furniture that satisfies our customers. We take pride in the longevity of our products, in an age where even the newest and best smartphones last only a couple of years.

What Makes Our Mission- and Shaker-Style Living Room Rocking Chairs Unique?

When you think of Amish furniture, you probably picture rocking chairs on the porch of a gorgeous farmhouse, an idyllic spot to relax and doze off. Indeed, we have a lot of customers who come to us wanting Amish rocking chairs because they know we make them in a way no one else can. We offer:

  • High-quality Amish craftsmanship
  • Great comfort and soft cushioning in our swivel gliders
  • Gliding loveseats where you can relax with a loved one
  • Ottomans to complement our designs
  • Classic rocking chairs perfect for lulling a tired baby to sleep
  • Responsive customer service

Where to Put Your New Amish Rocking Chair

Another thing our customers love about our classic porch rockers and swivel glider rockers is their versatility. They’re at home on your front porch as well as in your living room. You can put them in a nursery or save them for your own bedroom, the perfect place to curl up with a good book after a long day.

A glider or rocker will look great in any room. You could even put one in the kitchen if you have enough space — just imagine how fun it would be to shuck corn or help the kids with homework while rocking away!

Make sure you have plenty of space around your rocker or glider so you don’t bump into a wall, another piece of furniture or even a person while you’re rocking. You may want to try the piece out in several locations before committing to a final spot to ensure you have the right amount of wiggle room.

Finding the Right Rocking Chair or Glider for Your Home

We offer a wide selection of styles, designs and sizes because we know all houses are different. We want you to find the furniture that fits best with your décor. If you favor a more contemporary design, a glider with a leather seat may be a fun option. However, if you enjoy country chic, a grandma rocker with paisley fabric would be a neat way to draw people’s eyes.

Take into account size, too, when choosing your chair. You’ll need a swath of space around the chair for rocking, so you may want to get a smaller chair than you would for a stationary piece of furniture.

Design Your Chair From the Ground Up

Clicking on a Mission- or Shaker-style chair on is a great way to learn more about its design capabilities. We aim to clear up any questions you might have about our products with helpful descriptions for each Amish rocker or glider. Learn the precise dimensions of our products, such as the seat platform sizes and the seat heights, to help you decide on the perfect space for your purchase.

We also communicate whether or not the chair you like is eligible for premier fabrics and leathers for seat cushion upholstery. Select the wood type and stain for your order, and our Amish builders will get to work as soon as possible.

How to Clean and Maintain Amish Porch Rockers and Glider Rockers

Both our rocking chairs and gliders feature the finest wooden materials and upholstery options. Generally, it is best to clean the wooden surfaces weekly to prevent dust from settling. Clearing dust from our living room furniture or patio rocking chair enables you to keep investments scratch-free for years to come.

At Amish Outlet Store, we offer Mission- and Shaker-style furniture that’s easy to maintain. If dirt, food or liquids get on your purchase, it only takes a few moments to clean the all-wood surface. You can use warm water and a microfiber cloth with dish detergent to lift grime. Just dry the surface after cleaning for a like-new appearance.

Safety Tips for Our Amish Wood Rocking Chairs

We build all of our arm rockers and glider chairs for safe daily use. However, you should always place your investment on a flat surface for smooth operation. Placing your wooden rocking chair or glider on a level surface ensures maximum comfort and a pleasant experience. This method is also a proactive way to prevent your chair from tipping.

Surely, your new Amish rocker or glider will be a hit within your home. Like with other pieces of heavy furniture, always keep children and pets under supervision when relaxing indoors or on the porch with these products.

Great Prices and Friendly Service: That’s the Way!

You can save as much as 33% off the regular retail price of any rocker or glider in our inventory if you place your order today. You’ll also enjoy doing business with us. We’re a small-town company located in the heart of Amish country in Smithville, OH that still believes in providing attentive customer service. We’re always available to answer your questions regarding customization, pricing, shipping or anything else.

Please take a few minutes to explore our current inventory of solid wood Amish Rockers and Gliders!