Create your dream bedroom with our Amish Bedroom Collections. Surround yourself in extraordinary comfort with an Amish Deluxe Bed, Oak Crest, and Dresser with Mirror, Nightstand, and many more assortments. We offer over 200 contemporary designs with our Shaker and Mission furniture that bridge the gap between unmatched style and functionality.

We’ve made it easy to pick and choose the pieces that you need to put together the ultimate bedroom. Designed as a set, you’ll get perfectly matching pieces that look great together and provide a cohesive style for your bedroom or those of your children. It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom. At the end of the day, it’s where you to go unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the beauty and comfort of traditional Amish hardwood furniture in every bedroom in your house. Solid Wood Furniture That’s Built to Last

So much of the furniture you see in big box or discount stores these days is made from inferior materials such as particle board, pressboard and cheap veneers. The dressers, beds, nightstands, armoires and other top-quality products that comprise our Amish Bedroom Collections are made from only the finest northern kiln-dried hardwoods. Whether you prefer Cherry, Maple, Oak, Rustic Cherry, Q.S. White Oak, Hickory or Rustic Q.S. White Oak, you’re assured of getting a durable furniture piece that will last a lifetime.

The other advantage of real hardwood furniture from is the gorgeous natural woodgrain present in every piece. Many low-cost furniture items try to simulate woodgrain patterns, but none can rival the true beauty of nature. Oftentimes, harsh chemicals, resins and glues are used in the manufacture of this sub-standard furniture, which can pollute your home. Look at the old pieces of furniture you’ve inherited from your parents: It’s always the real hardwood pieces that have stood the test of time and become family heirlooms.

Even the construction methods of low-cost furniture leave a lot to be desired. Solid oak or hardwood Amish bedroom sets are built to stay together, using traditional methods like dovetail joints, solid screws and nails and high-strength wood glues. Mass-produced furniture is often designed to be shipped in pieces and easily taken apart, which reduces the robustness and durability. Many times, when this furniture is assembled, gaps and seams vary, and adjustment can be very difficult.

Let the experts take care of your furniture assembly, and rest assured knowing that your Amish bedroom set pieces are going to last a very long time.

Browse Our Entire Amish Bedrooms Collections Inventory

Take a closer look at the entire Amish Bedroom Collections inventory online. You can place your order quickly and securely online or by giving us a call at 330-669-9919 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Amish Bedroom Collections: Furniture Made in the USA

Our Amish Bedroom Collections furniture is not mass-produced in some overseas factory. We’re a locally owned and operated company headquartered in Smithville, OH, USA!

All of our furniture is handmade by talented local Amish artisans who make quality – not quantity – their primary focus. Each piece is customized to your specifications and crafted with a level of care and close attention to detail that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

You get to choose your style, wood and stain right here on our website. You don’t have to settle for the meager options offered by many mass-produced furniture suppliers who try to maximize profits by churning out identical bedroom set after identical bedroom set. Why would you want the exact same choices in bedroom set as your neighbor?

Instead, enjoy the choice and selection being offered to you here. Each oak bedroom furniture set comprises many different pieces, including beds, dressers, armoires, cupboards and accent pieces. Many of our sets are ideal for small rooms, thanks to a choice of narrow dressers and compact accent pieces. Of course, on the other hand, we also carry some fantastic large pieces, for larger bedrooms and maximum storage. The choice is yours when you shop at

Take a look through our online catalog. You can find the dimensions and other details with each listing. We’ve also provided you with large color photos. This is to help you get a real feel for the beauty and style of each piece. You may want to pick and choose from within one set for a matched look, or select a few different pieces of hardwood bedroom furniture from a variety of collections for a fun, mixed style. It all depends on the type of décor you’re going for. We offer discounts on large orders, so take a look at the details right here on our website. You may want to order a bedroom set for each member of your family to take advantage of real savings. (Up to 13% off in some cases!)

Featuring the Enduring Shaker and Mission Furniture Styles

Many of our bedroom sets and individual pieces such as beds and dressers feature the distinctive Shaker and Mission furniture styles, known for their remarkable combination of elegance and simplicity. These styles have been a popular choice of American homeowners for many generations. While furniture fads come and go, the Shaker and Mission styles live on!

When you choose one of these classic styles, you’re supporting and perpetuating beloved Amish traditions that date back to the middle of the 1800s. This is bedroom furniture that you will use, and will likely pass on to your children, who will in turn pass it on to their children.

Amish wooden bedroom sets are simply built to last. There’s no low-cost material, no laminates and no composites. Just solid, northern, kiln-dried hardwood worked and assembled right here in America — the same way it always has been by Amish craftsmen. Many of the classic Shaker and Mission style pieces are the same ones you’ll find in the homes of these Amish people themselves. They’re classic designs that never go out of style, and provide years of use and beauty.

The same can’t be said of mass-produced bedroom sets from big box chains. Their furniture is built in the name of quantity, not quality, and often travels thousands of miles from foreign countries. Workers in these foreign factories often don’t benefit from the health and safety regulations in place in America, and rarely make an honest day’s wage.

Keep your hard-earned dollars in America, supporting Amish families who put their heart and soul into every piece of hardwood bedroom furniture they make. Every time you look at your furniture, you’ll be proud that you bought “Made in America.”

Who Says Quality Bedroom Furniture Has to Be Expensive?

At, we believe that high quality and low prices should go hand in hand. When you purchase furniture from our Amish Bedroom Collections line, you also get the benefit of extraordinary discounts. Save up to 33% off the regular retail price and take advantage of our volume discounts and monthly specials.

We feel that every member of your family deserves a beautiful bedroom set. With so many choices in dressers, wardrobes and entire suites, it’s easy to find a style and finish that goes with your décor. Do you prefer simple, clean designs that show the solid, sturdy nature of Shaker and Mission furniture, or will you choose a bedroom set with elegant curves and details that really stand out? We serve every type of customer out there, with nearly 200 unique set designs. Each set consists of multiple pieces to choose from, meaning there are countless ways to design your perfect bedroom set!

Once you’ve selected the hardwood pieces you want in your bedroom set, it’s a matter of deciding on a wood and finish color. You can do all of this right here on our website, from the comfort of your own home. Show your family the different options, and let everyone choose the best style and stains for their bedroom. You’ll take great pride and pleasure in your Amish bedroom set, knowing that it was crafted with love and care by traditional Amish artisans just for you.

Start building your bedroom set right now, or contact us by phone or by email and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to your business, and helping you experience this wonderful Amish hardwood furniture that will be in your family for generations to come!