While the Mission and Shaker furniture styles are far from fancy, they offer a traditional look that has been favored by American homeowners for generations. Our wide selection of classic Mission and Shaker Amish Occasional Tables gives you multiple options for bringing these timeless furniture styles into your home. They’re perfect for rounding out the décor in your living room, family room or great room. Choices include coffee tables, end tables, hall tables, telephone tables and more.

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What Makes Our Amish-Made Occasional Tables Unique?

When you buy a new Amish-style piece for your home, you want to be sure it’s unique. You want a table no one else has that stands out and becomes a signature piece in your home. If you crave the unique combination of artistry, craftsmanship and quality that comes with Amish furniture, you’ll love our occasional tables!

We offer a wide variety of styles that will fit into any room of the house, from the kitchen and the hallway to the living room. Our solid wood occasional tables can be used as:

  • A magazine rack in the living room or bathroom
  • A catch-all table in the sewing room to store odds and ends of fabric and thread
  • A bedside table in the bedroom for holding a lamp and your reading glasses
  • A phone stand in the hallway to store address and phone books

The possibilities for our end tables are limited only by your imagination. We craft each one individually, imbuing it with its own special qualities. Each one of our Amish occasional end tables is unique and useful.

Picking the Right Amish Occasional End Tables

End tables can tie together the different pieces in a room, giving it the fresh, cohesive look it lacked. But you need to choose the best one for your room to get that type of outstanding result. When you choose an end table, consider the height of the furniture you’ll be placing it next to. You don’t want a table that dwarfs your couch. And you don’t want to buy a table without a drawer if you plan to use it for storage eventually. Advance planning makes a difference.

Matching Your Décor to Your New Amish Tables

Every room in your house should have its own style, whether that means contemporary, classic or country chic. It’s important to pick furniture that matches the feel you hope to achieve in the room. So, for instance, if you’re decorating a den and you want to give it a more sophisticated vibe than it has right now, a classy piece such as the Buckingham Half Round Table could offer you the style you build your whole look around.

Use the furniture, knickknacks and art you already have on display in the room to help you find design ideas to incorporate with your new table. You might try:

  • Buying plants with planters that match a new arbor console table
  • Picking a different type of wood for one of our designs, such as cherry or oak, so that it fits into your existing style
  • Getting a sofa server that matches the coffee table already in the room
  • Putting vases and bowls in new places to better tie your new piece into the design

Get a Great Value When You Buy Our Amish Occasional Tables

The furniture is American made by our artisans stands the test of time. It’s durable but also fashionable. You and your family can rely on it for years to come because we built it with the best-quality materials available. Invest in a new Amish occasional table today to spruce up a room in your home.