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Amish Child Furniture

If you’’re looking to furnish a child’s bedroom, has everything you need. Our collection of handcrafted solid wood Amish Children’s Furniture includes a wide assortment of beds, desks, toy boxes, dressers, bookcases and more. Browse through the entire collection and use the fun online design tool on every product page to create your own customized children’s furniture pieces.

A child’s bedroom is more than a place for them to sleep and do homework. It’s a place where they can play, feel safe and let their imaginations grow. You want to create a comfortable and enjoyable space for them to grow. Choosing solid wood Amish child furniture is a great way to ensure they can enjoy their bedroom for years. Most mass-produced child furniture can’t withstand the rough-and-tumble play and wear and tear that a child can dish out. Hardwood Amish furniture, on the other hand, is built tough and durable, and won’t sag or break the way particleboard furniture will.

A lot of care and attention goes into every piece of Amish furniture:

  • Northern kiln-dried wood is chosen for its beauty and durability, with close attention paid to the natural grain when selecting the individual pieces that will make up your furniture.
  • Traditional Amish craftsmanship goes into fashioning the different parts of each piece of furniture and attaching them with things like dovetail joints, dowels and high-quality steel hardware.
  • Deep, rich stains are applied to give your furniture a gorgeous finish that not only looks great, but also protects it from wear and marks that can easily mar cheap furniture veneer.

As a result, your finished piece of Amish child furniture will not only serve today, but your children will be able to use it when they have children of their own. That’s how Amish furniture has become such a beloved furniture style in the U.S.: Countless pieces have already been passed on from generation to generation. Keep that tradition going with your purchase of solid wood Amish child furniture.

We Sell “Kid-Proof” Children’s Furniture That’s Built to Last

Children’s furniture must be able to withstand the punishment that kids dish out. Every piece in our Amish Children’s Furniture collection is made from your choice of rugged, durable hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry and hickory — sturdy materials known for their longevity, not to mention their timeless beauty. Amish master crafters make our kids’ furniture with the same level of care and skill as if they were making it for their own children. You’ll also appreciate the look of simple elegance that is the trademark of Amish-made furniture.

Some people think there’s no point investing in furniture for children because they’ll end up wearing it out. That may be the case with low-cost, big-box store furniture or furniture built from kits, but that’s not the case with durable hardwood Amish furniture. Your children can enjoy their furniture now, and then it can be used by their siblings later. When they have children of their own, they can pass along their beloved childhood furniture to them, continuing the cycle.

Thanks to the beautiful designs of Amish Shaker and Mission furniture, these pieces can suit any décor. We carry a wide range of beds, dressers, desks, chairs, shelves and other child-specific pieces like toy chests, trestle tables and trundle beds. Your children will love having a complete bedroom set all their own and will enjoy spending time in their bedroom resting, working and playing.

You’ll Experience Fantastic Savings on Your Furniture

If you’re looking to save money on Amish furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Purchase any piece in our Amish Children’s Furniture collection today and get up to 33% off the regular retail price! A large-order discount is also available that can stretch your furniture dollar even further! You can even get an additional 3% off just for paying for your furniture by check.

Normally, dragging your children off for furniture shopping isn’t much fun, but thanks to our online catalog, it’s easy. Your children can join you as you click through our many different solid wood Amish furniture items and help choose their future bedroom set. Involving them in choosing makes it a whole family affair and allows them to feel like part of things. Together you can pick the most fun designs for their bed, dresser, desk, bookcase, toy box and other bedroom furniture they need. Then you can help them choose the most attractive wood and stain, and send off your order in just a few clicks. Hardworking Amish artisans will get started right away crafting your solid wood child bedroom furniture exactly the way you want it.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your handcrafted solid wood Amish Children’s Furniture from today!