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Amish Rockers & Gliders

There’s something about gently swinging or swaying in a comfortable rocking chair or glider that can relieve the stress of the day and put your mind and body at ease. Our wide selection of solid wood Amish Rockers and Gliders includes pieces featuring the classic Mission and Shaker styles that have been a fixture in American homes for generations. You’ll also find an assortment of ottomans and footstools — there’s something for every home!

We Still Make Furniture the Old-Fashioned Way

Modern furniture-making processes tend to emphasize quantity instead of quality. At, we take the opposite approach. We employ the services of the finest Amish artisans who still make furniture the old-fashioned way: one piece at a time and completely by hand. This ensures we only produce high-quality furniture that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We never use cheap materials in our pieces, either. You get to choose from sturdy northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as maple, cherry and hickory.

Where Is the Best Place for My New Rocker?

Where to put your beautiful Amish furniture rockers is a question for the ages. The classic location for rockers is on the porch, but you may not want to put your solid wood furniture rockers out there unless they’re sufficiently protected from the elements. An Amish glider rocker can look great on just about any living room floor. You pretty much can’t go wrong when it comes to Amish furniture. Rocking chair placement will depend on a variety of factors, including who will sit there, the configuration of the room and the type of room.

A beautiful Amish rocking chair can be a lot of fun to have in a child’s room, as well. However, whether it’s a porch, back patio, living room, kid’s room, study or elsewhere, you’re bound to find an Amish rocking chair at that fits your needs just about perfectly.

What Style of Décor Goes Well with These Gliders?

You can find an Amish glider rocker that goes with just about any décor. From the sleek upholstery of the London Swivel Glider to the simple charm of an Oakland rocker, Amish furniture rockers and gliders come in enough variety to match your style. Remember that these rocking chairs come in a selection of quality hardwoods and attractive wood stains, so between the style you choose, the type of wood, the shape and the color, you can effectively customize your solid wood furniture rockers so much that people will think all of your furniture came as part of the same set.

There Are So Many Pieces, How Do I Select Which Works Best for My Home?

The Amish furniture rockers that work best for your home will be the ones that suit your and your family’s personal style, as well as the décor of the room you’re putting it in. Are you the kind of person who enjoys a matching Ottoman, or do you prefer your rocker to stand alone? Do you want to share your glider experience with a Loveseat glider, or would you rather rock on your own? Do you like to lean back on good old wooden slats or an upholstered cushion?

Because you have so many choices, you have a great opportunity to find solid wood furniture rockers that fit in with your décor and with you.

Are These Gliders Durable Enough to Hold Up to Everyday Wear and Tear?

Rock away, rocker! The Amish rockers and gliders you’ll find at are built to last. These solid wood furniture rockers are handmade by the finest Amish craftsmen with durability in mind. Amish furniture rockers can take more punishment than your average piece of Amish furniture, and the designers of these great rockers know that, so you can rock to your heart’s content, confident that your chair will be there for you, your children, and maybe even your children’s children, to relax in and enjoy time after time.

Great Prices and Friendly Service: That’s the Way!

You can save as much as 33% off the regular retail price of any rocker or glider in our inventory if you place your order today. You’ll also enjoy doing business with us. We’re a small-town company located in the heart of Amish country in Smithville, OH that still believes in providing attentive customer service. We’re always available to answer your questions regarding customization, pricing, shipping or anything else.

Please take a few minutes to explore our current inventory of solid wood Amish Rockers and Gliders!