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Amish Coffee Tables

Finish your living room with one of our handmade Amish coffee tables! Our Shaker and Mission coffee tables are custom-made from quality materials. We offer coffee tables in all shapes, sizes and even some with drawers! Choose an Amish coffee table and add a beautiful accent to your home.

What Makes These Coffee Tables Unique?

All you have to do is own an Amish coffee table once, and you’ll know right away what makes them unique. Amish coffee tables are solid wood coffee tables that are made with a level of care and craftsmanship that is unparalleled. Whether you prefer Mission-style coffee tables, Shaker-style coffee tables or are still choosing from among the many varieties of coffee table you can find at, you’ll discover that Amish coffee tables just feel like home.

What Style of Décor Goes Well with These Coffee Tables?

Amish coffee tables go with just about any décor. With the wide assortment of shapes, styles and sizes available at, you’re bound to find one that fits in with the décor of your living room. If you’re going for a sleek, modern look, maybe a Caledonia coffee table is for you. If you’re looking for something rustic and simple, you might choose a Country coffee table, maybe one of our Country Mission-style coffee tables. If you’re looking to break up an angular room, there are round coffee tables available you’re sure to love. Don’t forget, you’ll find tables with drawers and ones with tops that open, too.

Whatever your room’s style is, there are Amish coffee tables to fit it, and with an assortment of attractive wood stains to finish your piece, you can customize it so that it’s just right for the room it will complete.

How Do I Care for My Solid Wood Coffee Table?

Although regular dusting is a must, you’ll want to do a little more to keep these solid wood coffee tables looking their best. You’ll want to wipe your table down using a soft, gentle, lint-free damp cloth, with a little gentle, non-abrasive soap or just water. Microfiber clothes are ideal. Wipe with the grain. Be very gentle when scrubbing off any stuck-on foods.

Two things to remember: make sure the cloth is damp, as a dry cloth can scratch the surface, and try to always use a soft cloth when cleaning your Amish coffee tables. If this isn’t feasible, make sure the cloth you use is dedicated to your Amish furniture and not used on anything else, where it can collect grit that can damage your table.

Is This Coffee Table Durable Enough to Hold Up to Everyday Wear and Tear?

Not all coffee tables are durable enough to hold up to everyday wear and tear, but Amish coffee tables definitely are. One of the main reasons you buy Amish coffee tables is the handcrafted care that goes into every one. Amish furniture has a reputation for quality that goes back hundreds of years. You can’t buy that type of confidence in woodwork anywhere else.

You certainly want to treat your coffee table with care, avoiding scraping abrasive substances across the surface or dropping heavy items onto it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like a coffee table. As beautiful as these tables are, they wouldn’t be worth much if they didn’t have utility and they didn’t last. They do. Treat your Amish solid wood coffee table right, and it will be with you and looking good for a long, long time — even if you, your family or your guests use it every single day.

Make your selection at and start enjoying your new, beautiful, long-lasting coffee table now.