When shopping for a maple dining room set, research to ensure you invest in the best one for your needs. Consider the number of people you plan to accommodate; it will influence your dining room set choice.

You should also be mindful of the color of your home decor, as well as other nearby woodwork. This will go a long way in helping you choose the best dining room set. To help you choose the best dining room set, ask yourself these questions while researching dining table options.

Do you often host large family gatherings?

Picking out the best table for your maple dining room set is a big deal. After all, this piece will potentially be at the center of very important milestones in your family’s history.

If you host Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinner, give yourself room to expand when necessary. If your current dining table is too small for gatherings, shop for a table with a wider slide.

Did your previous table not fit everyone? Think bigger and better this time for better results. Incidentally, this will affect the style and shape of your new solid wooden dining table.

If you have been unhappy with the size of your previous slide, you might consider looking into solid wood dining tables that allow you to add board extensions instead. This will give you the best amount of room for entertaining a greater number of guests.

Size and Shape

One of the most important details to consider is the best shape of different dining tables. Solid wood sets come in styles that consist of round or rectangular. Depending on the measurements, round dining sets typically seat between 4 to 8 people.

If you plan to only host a family of 4, a 48-inch round dining table will be your best bet in giving you the best room to function and comfortably seat everyone. You can get away with a 42-inch table, but you may feel slightly cramped at times.

For a family of 6 sitting at a round table, you will need at least 54 inches. But to comfortably seat all 6 and still have plenty of room to function, it’s best to invest in a table that measures at least 60 inches.

If you need to host up to 8 people, it’s best to go for a round table that is a minimum of 66 inches in diameter. This is a workable size, but it can lead to cramping. To ensure that all 8 people have the best seating arrangement, you should shop for 72-inch table sets.

Hosting Large Gatherings

For larger family gatherings or special events, it’s best to steer away from round dining sets. It’s best to shop for a rectangular wood table if you’re going to have 10 or more people over throughout the year. The wood slide lets you expand the table when needed, offering flexibility for smaller gatherings.

At a minimum, a 4-foot rectangular table is best for accommodating 4 people. Depending on the size of the slide, you can increase the length of the table to allow for more people. To comfortably seat 6 people, you will need 2 extra feet of material, at 6 feet in length. You could potentially get away with a 5-foot rectangular dining table, but you might be bumping elbows from time to time.

To best entertain up to 8 people comfortably, you should choose a wood table that measures between 7 and 8 feet in length. Just be aware that the former is only a workable size and may leave your guests feeling somewhat cramped. Your best bet is to opt for an 8-foot table if you want to ensure that you have plenty of room for everyone.

If you’re expecting 10 or more people, you will need between 9 and 10 feet of table length. Again, spring for 10 feet if you want to be sure that every guest has the best comfort in their sitting space.

When searching for a Maple Dining room set, you’ll find many options. You likely want whatever maple dining table you pick out to not only be the best, but also the last. So it’s important to go slow and avoid making a hasty purchase. Take the time to explore all of the best options, from the color of the stain to the style of the different available sets.

What color is your kitchen/dining area?

There’s a good chance that these rooms will undergo facelifts and refreshes over the years, so consider looking for a maple material set that is versatile and capable of complementing various color schemes. What is the color of your current dining table? Solid wood material gives you a lot of options, with a variety of stains to choose from, anything from brown to natural. You don’t necessarily have to look at dining sets that match your current arrangement.

If you are planning on redecorating anyway, it may be best to do so as you are looking at new dining sets. This will give you the best guideline to go by and help you determine the best style for your home. Just remember to keep an open mind as you shop so that your new maple material set gives you the freedom to update your decor in the future.

When you choose the best builders to make your maple wood table, you can look forward to getting solid construction. That means no plywood, composites, or veneers. This ensures you get the best material, lasting a lifetime with proper care.

Additionally, you want to be thinking about the color of the stain you choose. Darker stains tend to make your wood material look smaller, so you’ll want to consider the style of your eating area and its surroundings. What do other nearby wood pieces look like?

If they are made of lighter wood, you might want to consider a darker stain color in your maple wood material. This can help to make a balanced contrast between your furniture and give your eating area more character.

Where to Buy Solid Wood Dining Table

For the best solid maple dining table, shop at Amish Outlet Store. When you buy from their experienced Amish artisans, you can look forward to receiving beautiful, handmade furniture that is built to last.

These accomplished builders utilize a traditional crafting process with every wood piece they make. Only the best material will be used in the pieces you choose, giving you the assurance that you are making a sound investment. And that’s what each woodworking represents: an investment.

How Long Do Maple Dining Room Set Last?

Because Amish Outlet Store uses the best material from the best Amish builders, you can expect to get years of service from the wood furnishings you buy. When you shop for the best material for your home, you can trust that you will receive long-lasting woodwork that lasts.

The material that is used is both strong and durable and will provide you and your family with plenty of use for all occasions. It’s always important to invest in the best, and that is what Amish Outlet Store delivers in all of its products.

Choosing the Best Color

To help you pick out the best color for your home decor, Amish Outlet Store offers 19 stunning maple stains to choose from. These color options are the best for planning your home decor around, as they blend in well with a wide range of style choices.

You can have your wood maple material custom-made to easily match the color of your decor and other woodwork. You are only limited by your imagination, so be sure to shop their extensive color options.

Even if you have a smaller eating area, Amish Outlet Store has additional wood material options that make for greater functionality in tight quarters. Mission- and Shaker-style furniture provide versatility and freedom in your dining room.

Amish Outlet Store uses only the best material when crafting your custom dining set, from the best wood to the best stains. We carry an incredible selection to shop from, making it easier to find the perfect dining set for your home.

Today, more homes are being designed with dining areas instead of dining rooms. As such, Amish Outlet Store provides you with everything you need to create the perfect eating area. From Maple Dining room sets to benches to sideboards, you’re never out of creative choices to maximize your home.

Only the Best Maple Dining Room Sets

One of the best things about Amish Outlet Store is that everything is a custom order. You can trust that you are investing in the best quality from the best builders. Our online store makes it easy to shop for the material you need in your new dining set.

When you choose Amish Outlet Store for your Maple Dining room set, you can trust that you will always get solid wood furnishings. Because no veneers or composites are ever used, you can look forward to getting only the very best in everything that they make. If you want to learn more about maple wood, see this post.

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