How many times have you sat around your dining room table, enjoying a meal with family or friends, and wishing you could linger for a few more hours? The dining room is a place where people can connect over food while letting themselves relax. Having the right furniture there can help set the room’s mood and make these magical nights even more inviting. sells Hickory dining room furniture you can rely on for years to come. Our durable pieces are made by Amish artisans who learned their craft by watching the generations before them make furniture. These young Amish come to understand why particular methods are used and how they can use them to make the best possible pieces. By the time they begin making furniture themselves, they have a deep knowledge of how to choose the finest materials and continue to make things in the traditional manner.

Our Amish furniture will last for years to come. You can enjoy pieces made from Hickory, which is kiln-dried and has a distinctive grain pattern unique to each piece. Or you can choose one of our other woods, including Oak or Cherry. Each piece can be further customized with your preference of stain, which will grow deeper the longer you keep our furniture, which could be a long time. Many people even hand their Amish dining room tables, chairs and buffets down to their children or grandchildren.

Browse our selection of furniture today — and keep in mind that each piece includes a daily discount of up to 33 percent off. You can also check out the specials listed on our homepage. Enjoy imagining what these items will look like in your dining room!