Dining room furniture doesn’t just fill out your room. It gives it character. Every dining room needs a distinctive personality because it’s such a personal space. Your family eats meals in this room, but they also linger to talk after the food has been cleared away. Kids do their homework at the table and adults gather to play games. You need furniture that can support all these activities and more, in a style you love and will enjoy every time you walk in the room.

The Q.S. White Oak dining room furniture sold by AmishOutletStore.com is durable, attractive and reliable. You will love finding tables, chairs and buffets that match and give your room the uniform look you seek. Every piece will look as though it was made to be together.

Every piece we sell is made by Amish artisans who learned how to make furniture from their parents and grandparents. These craftsmen honed their skills under the previous generations’ watchful eyes, then continued to use these traditional methods when they struck out on their own. The result? Beautiful furniture that you can enjoy for years to come with your family.

You can customize our dining room furniture to your preferences. It comes in Q.S. White Oak as well as a number of other wood types, such as Oak and Cherry. You can also have our artisans apply a stain to the wood that will grow richer and deeper as time passes.

We offer monthly specials on our furniture as well as up to 33 percent off everyday prices. Browse our selection to find the right furniture for your dining room and get in touch with us with any questions.