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Aspen Amish Hutches

Just about every kitchen could use extra storage space. From dishes that don’t fit in the cupboards to cookbooks you can’t squeeze anywhere else, stuff accumulates on your counter, and you would rather have it stored somewhere for easy access. Our Aspen Amish Hutches give you the additional storage space you desire in your kitchen. These well-made pieces perfectly complement your existing cabinetry and offer a location where your plasticware, good china or extra appliances can stay.

The hutches sold by are all crafted by hand — quite a contrast to the mass-produced pieces you will find at other furniture retailers. Every one of our hutches is made to order. You can pick what type of wood you want, choosing from Aspen, Cedar or Rustic Pine. Each hutch will look slightly different because every log we use has a slightly varying look.

The Amish artisans who create our furniture learned their trade from their grandparents and parents, who taught them traditional furniture-making techniques such as mortise and tenon jointing. These gifted craftsmen continue to use such methods today because they are so effective. Our artisans use only the best materials for each piece, lending our furniture additional durability. You can expect our furniture to last for years. In fact, many of our customers refer to our items as “heirloom quality” thanks to their sturdiness.

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testimonials Stephen

I wanted to let you know that we had received delivery of my wife’s (made to order) glider Sunday morning, and we’re so pleased with what we received.
My wife was totally surprised by her unexpected gift, and was also taken by how beautiful and well constructed it was. She just Loved the beautiful detail and finish work of her new glider-rocker,  including the comfortable cushions that made it just perfect.

Likewise, I am SO pleased with my order from Amish Outlet Stores. I am a former cabinet maker and just Love all of the wonderful detail work that went into this chair. I’m sure will be around for generation in my family.

You guys are top-notch! Thank you for your part in making this Christmas so special for my wife and I.

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