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The Best Solid Wood Furniture for Kids Rooms

The Best Solid Wood Furniture for Kids Rooms

Your child’s bedroom should be a welcoming and inviting space for them, where they can go to play, work or sleep. Bedroom furniture such as beds, chairs, dressers and bookshelves provide needed seating and storage, but can also turn your child’s room into a space they will use and enjoy as they grow. Choosing quality Amish children’s furniture ensures that it will be with them throughout their growing years and beyond. When selecting furniture for your child’s room, there are many things to consider.

Children’s furniture should be:

  • Versatile: Able to adjust to their changing needs as they grow. Choosing basic furniture pieces that will grow with your child eliminates the need to replace all of the furnishings later as they get older.
  • Sturdy: Able to stand up to wear and tear over many years without the worry of it breaking or falling apart as they get bigger. Solid wood children’s furniture is the best choice since it is extremely durable.
  • Well-made: Most children’s furniture is made from plywood or cheap particle board which breaks very easily. Furniture that is well-made is meant to be long-lasting and will not need replacing during your child’s growing years. Look for features such as solid wood materials, dovetailed construction and soft-close drawer slides. Spending a little more now for quality furniture saves money in the long run.
  • Safe: Children’s bedroom furniture should be safe in its construction and design and also in the materials used. Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches, dizziness, nausea and eye, nose and throat irritation and more serious health effects. Choose furniture with a finish that is formaldehyde-free, organic and 100% VOC free, meaning that there is no off-gassing of harmful compounds into the air. It is also non-flammable and eco-friendly.
  • Low-maintenance: Solid wood furniture is easily cared for and requires light dusting and periodic polishing with a wood-safe cleaner. Covering wood surfaces such as dresser, desk and tabletops with a mat or fabric runner protects against nicks and scratches. As with most furniture, promptly cleaning up any spills reduces the risk of finish damage and stains.
  • Timeless: Solid wood children’s furniture pieces are timeless. They can be used for many years and still be in style and match any decor. Children can take it with them when they are on their own, or it can be passed down to a younger child many years later.

Solid Wood Furniture is Easily Cared for

Solid wood children’s bedroom furniture is a smart choice when deciding to furnish your child’s bedroom or nursery. It is perfect for both boys and girls and available in many different types of woods such as oak, maple, cherry and hickory and stain colors from light to dark to match any decor. Give any room a warm and inviting feel and mix and match pieces with wood furniture. Sturdy and versatile, wood furniture is built to last. It is easy to care for and can adapt to the many changes your kids’ rooms will undergo throughout the years.

Amish Children’s Furniture

Amish children’s furniture is an ideal choice for your child’s bedroom or nursery, for many reasons. Every piece features fine Amish craftsmanship and is handcrafted and hand-assembled using methods that have been passed down through many generations. Amish children’s furniture is made in America from Northern hardwood and is the epitome of quality, durability and safety. All pieces feature stains that are formaldehyde-free, organic and 100% VOC free. Available in a wide variety of woods and stains and custom made to your specifications, you’re sure to find pieces that will be both beautiful and long-lasting additions to your child’s room.

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Types of Amish children’s furniture include:

1. Beds and Cribs

warm and cozy bed is an essential item for every kid’s bedroom. Whether choosing a convertible crib for your baby that will change as they grow, or a bunk or loft bed for an older child, solid wood children’s beds are built to be safe and sturdy. There are many different types of beds available, each with different features and purposes. These include:

  • Conversion cribs: Conversion cribs are a versatile and money-saving option for nurseries and kid’s rooms since they can adapt to your child’s needs as they grow. They can adjust to three different pieces of furniture, starting out as a crib and then transitioning into a day bed with a rail to support a toddler or young child who is not yet ready for a bed. It then converts to a full-size bed with a headboard and footboard.
  • Toddler beds: Toddler beds are available for toddlers who have outgrown their crib but are not quite ready for a standard bed. They are smaller and lower to the ground and have built-in safety rails. Most crib mattresses also fit toddler beds.
  • Bunk beds: Older children who can safely climb up and down ladders or stairs may enjoy having a bunk bed in their room. Bunk beds provide sleeping space for multiple children and are available with safety rails. There are many bunk bed designs which feature bookcases, built-in drawers and room for both twin and full-sized mattresses.
  • Loft beds: Loft beds are ideal for older children and teens. They provide much-needed space, especially in smaller bedrooms, and are available with useful features such as dressersfutonsdesks and bookcases. Loft beds allow for all available space to be used as efficiently as possible.
  • Platform beds: Platform beds offer additional storage for clothing, bedding or toys. Slightly higher than standard beds, platform beds usually feature a chest of drawers underneath. They are ideal for a child who is old enough to climb in and out of bed independently and who no longer needs a safety rail while sleeping. Many platform beds are also available with headboards and footboards that feature bookcasesshelves or a trundle with an additional mattress.

Amish Bunk Beds

2. Bookcases

Bookcases are also a useful and important piece of furniture to add to your child’s room. Solid wood children’s bookcases can house picture books and toys for younger children and will stand up to the weight of your teen’s larger books without sagging or breaking, adding both value and safety. They provide much-needed storage space and are available in a variety of styles and sizes including:

  • Bookcases with drawers and storage: These bookcases have features such as sliding drawers and cubbies behind doors to provide extra storage space.
  • Bookcases with toyboxes: These bookcases provide space and storage for both books and toys. Featuring shelves above and a spacious toy box below, this style is made to grow with your child and house all of their books, toys and other treasures.
  • Short bookcases– These 48-inch bookcases feature three to four shelves and are available with and without feet. Popular styles include missionshaker and traditional.

Bookcases with toyboxes

Bookcases should always be properly anchored to the wall when placed in young children’s rooms to prevent tip-over accidents.

3. Chairs

Chairs are useful and versatile furniture pieces to add to your child’s bedroom. Chairs can provide additional seating for friends or a space to sit and work or read. Available in different sizes, youth and child chairs provide just the right amount of height to give your child a boost while being made to fit their smaller proportions. These sturdy and beautiful chairs are available in a variety of stains and styles, many featuring fun patterns that will look beautiful in any kid’s room.

  • Amish youth chairs: Youth chairs are for toddlers and small children who have outgrown their high chair and can sit up and balance independently. These beautiful wooden booster chairs allow small children to sit comfortably at a desk, table or dresser. Many youth chairs feature built-in footrests which allow small children to step up and sit safely and comfortably. Some can swivel while other feature extra safety features such as a wrap around back.
  • Amish child chairs: Child chairs are recommended for small children who can safely sit up and balance by themselves. They are smaller than standard size chairs. Featuring shorter legs and a smaller seat and back, youth chairs are designed to allow small children to sit safely and comfortably. They are lower to the ground and are available with safety features such as a wrap around back.

Amish Youth Chairs

4. Dressers

Dressers are an essential part of any child’s room, especially when closet space is limited. Designed for clothing storage, dressers can also be used for storing artwork, toys and blankets. For babies, a changer or changing tower provides both storage and a place for dressing and changing. A sturdy dresser also makes an ideal changing table with the addition of a removable changing pad. For narrow or small spaces, a chest of drawers provides storage without taking up as much space. Solid wood dressers are ideal for kid’s rooms since they are sturdy and have features such as dovetailed drawers and full extension drawer slides.

  • Changers and changing towers: These furniture pieces are specifically designed for changing and dressing babies and require the use of a changing pad. Available with both drawers and shelves, they are perfect for storing diapers, cremes, wipes and tiny clothes.
  • Chests of drawers: Chests of drawers feature vertical styling and stand higher than dressers. Available with three to five drawers, chests are ideal in smaller spaces.
  • Chifferobes: Chifferobes function as a wardrobe closet, providing space for both hanging and folded clothes. Some also contain additional shelf space for items such as hats and shoes.
  • Dressers: Dressers usually feature horizontal drawers and are lower and wider than chests. Available with six to eight drawers and coordinating mirrors, dressers provide a lower space for children to get dressed and ready.

Changing Tower Dressers

Like bookcases and other pieces of top-heavy furniture, dressers and chests should always be properly anchored to the wall when placed in young children’s’ rooms to prevent tip-over accidents.

5. Rockers

Amish Children's RockersRockers are useful in both nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Toddlers can use them for sitting and reading books and even for just getting out some energy, as they are made to be used. Young children can use them for studying, reading or enjoying some quiet time. Add a cozy throw to make it an even more comfortable area. Amish children’s rockers coordinate beautifully with other similar furniture pieces. Featuring a lower height and smaller seat and back, they are available in several styles from simple to ornate including:

  • Padded rockers: This style of rocker features an upholstered seat, arms and back with beautiful wooden rails. It is available with your choice of fabric.
  • Round back rockers: This style of wooden rocker features a rounded or bowed seat back.
  • Squared back rockers: This style of wooden rocker features a straight or squared seat back.

6. Rocking Horses

Amish Wooden Rocking HorsesA rocking horse or glider makes a fun addition to any small child’s room. These sturdy handcrafted horses provide hours of entertainment while making a beautiful design statement. Available in different seat heights and designs, these timeless and classic pieces of Americana are perfect for any small child’s bedroom. These pieces feature sturdy wood handles and footrests perfect for little hands and feet. Their beautiful handpainted details and yarn manes make them perfect heirlooms for passing down through the generations.

Styles of rocking horses include:

  • Small rocking horse: This size of rocking horse is built for babies and features a seat height of 17 inches.
  • Medium rocking horse: This rocking horse is recommended for toddlers and features a sturdy base and 22-inch height so they can easily climb on and off.
  • Horse glider: This wooden horse features a lower seat and a gliding mechanism for a smooth ride. It is considered a small rocking horse and is recommended for babies.

7. Additional Types of Amish Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Many other types of Amish solid wood children’s furniture will accentuate your child’s bedroom. From nightstands that can be placed next to the bed and hall trees for hanging various items to table sets ideal for a variety of activities, Amish children’s furniture is a smart choice for your child’s room. Each piece is available in several different stains and woods to coordinate with the other wood furniture in the room. Here are some other types of solid wood children’s furniture that you may want to consider:

  • Desks: Ideal for sitting to study, do homework or use the computer, solid wood desks are practical additions to any child’s bedroom. Featuring drawers and a pull-out keyboard tray with full extension slides underneath, Some desks are also available with a matching hutch containing shelves for additional storage of books, trophies and other knickknacks. Placing a desk in your child’s room gives them a designated quiet workspace and encourages positive work habits. Pair it with a matching youth chair or child’s chair, and your child has a beautiful set that can easily grow with them.
  • Hall trees: Child-sized hall trees are shorter than traditional ones and provide a handy space for hanging items such as coats, towels and bathrobes. They can also be used to creatively store and display items such as puppets, dress-up clothes, purses and hats. Hall trees don’t take up much space and can help your child to get into the habit of hanging their things rather than throwing them on the bed or floor.
  • Nightstands: Nightstands are extremely useful pieces of furniture for children of any age. Meant to sit alongside the bed, nightstands can be used to store smaller items of clothing and provide a space for a small reading lamp and the ever-popular nighttime glass of water. Most have several small drawers, and some even feature cubbies for additional storage or shelves underneath. Amish wood nightstands contain beautiful details such as rope twist molding and wooden inlays.
  • Table sets: Adding a solid wood children’s table and chair set to your child’s room gives them the perfect space for having tea parties with friends, doing artwork or just grabbing a quick snack. The organic finish is food-safe, ensuring children’s safety whether they are eating an actual meal or just pretending. Featuring a lower height and smaller seat and table surfaces, they are available in different shapes such as round, square or trestle. Solid wood table sets are sturdy enough to withstand the daily wear and tear they will no doubt receive.
  • Toy Boxes and Toy Chests: Toy boxes and toy chests are beautiful and practical storage solutions. They can be used for toys and dress up clothes when children are younger and for bedding, clothes and pretty much anything else that your older child or teen needs to store. Featuring safety hinges to keep little fingers from being pinched and beautiful details such as dovetailing and raised wood panels, these versatile pieces of furniture are a must have in any child’s room. Having a toy box or chest in their room encourages children to keep their rooms neat and tidy and provides a space in which they can store their toys.

Amish Table Sets

What to Do With Kid’s Furniture When It’s Outgrown

While most other types of children’s furniture don’t last long enough to be outgrown, Amish children’s furniture is the exception. Its sturdy wood construction and fine Amish craftsmanship allow it to be around for many years with proper care. Its timeless style ensures that many of the furniture pieces, such as dressers, hall trees, beds and nightstands, will fit as appropriately in an older child’s or teen’s room as they do in a younger child’s room. Bookcases can remain in rooms and house trophies, photos, textbooks, and toy boxes and chests can hold blankets, special mementos and clothing. In fact, many pieces probably won’t be outgrown and can be taken with them when they have their own homes.

Passing Down Solid Wood Children's Furniture

For child-size furniture that is eventually outgrown, such as youth chairs and rockers, small tables and rocking horses, there are a variety of options for reusing them. Younger siblings can use outgrown children’s furniture, or you can give it to a friend, neighbor or family member. However, when stored properly, solid wood children’s furniture can be saved and passed down through the generations. You can also donate it to preschools, churches or pediatric offices and hospitals. Since Amish children’s furniture holds its beauty and value, it can also be sold or consigned. Before using, donating or passing on used baby furniture such as cribs, it’s always a good idea to double check with the CPSC for laws regulating crib safety.

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