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The Best Space-Saving & Storage Furniture For Your Valuables

The Best Space-Saving & Storage Furniture for Your Valuables

No one wants to feel like their personal treasures are not secure in their own home. Having the right storage solutions that both conceal clutter and protect your valuables is essential. Whether you have sentimental heirloom jewelry or a pricey collector’s item, possessions that matter to you should have a safe space in your house without taking up too much of your room.

Finding secure storage for valuables is easy with Amish Outlet Store. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to store your precious belongings that will help in making the most of your space while keeping your mind at ease.

The Benefits of Space-Saving & Storage Furniture 

The Benefits of Space-Saving & Storage Furniture

Having space-saving furniture and valuable storage will help you maximize your house’s square footage. Not only do these types of storage solutions help minimize the wasted area in your home, but they have tons of other advantages too, including: 

  • Decreasing clutter: Many of us desire a home that looks and feels comfortable. With clutter, it can be challenging to relax and navigate through your day-to-day tasks. Having space-saving furniture can make even the smallest space feel much roomier and reduce that frustrating clutter.
  • Being pleasing to the eye: Having a tidy home is useful for more than having guests over. A neat space positively affects our cognitive functions and productivity. Having furniture that doubles as storage is more pleasant to look at than traditional storage solutions such as flimsy cardboard boxes or plastic containers that are not environmentally friendly.
  • Maintaining the integrity of your valuables: When seeking out valuables storage, you will need to find sturdy accommodations. Having well-made furniture that stores your belongings will aid in maintaining the integrity of your valuables for longer. 
  • Keeping items for the long-term: Other storage solutions are not long-term fixes. Having storage options that will last helps you to feel confident that the possessions that mean the most to you are protected. Instead of routinely replacing containers or other cheap alternatives, invest in high-quality storage furniture that will not jeopardize your valuables. 
  • Versatility: One of the best advantages of space-saving furniture is its multi-use nature. Having home goods that double as storage and seating, for example, is a great way to make the most of your space. This also allows you to keep your items for a longer time and alternate how you use them. 

Having storage solutions and space-saving furniture for valuables will get you more bang for your buck. Plus, these furniture pieces will keep your place feeling and looking great.

Where to Store Your Valuables at Home

We understand that your valuables are more than just expensive items. All of them hold a very special meaning to you and your family, especially heirloom pieces. We also understand that your home is for more than sleeping and eating. You want to create a space that feels secure for you and your belongings. Creating that haven starts with finding the right storage solutions so your valuables are kept away where they can remain protected and intact.

There are a lot of great options for storing your valuables at home, some of which you may have never considered. Space-saving storage furniture can be the perfect place for your keepsakes as they look great and keep the items inside totally inconspicuous. If you are wondering where to store your valuables at home, here are some useful options for you:

  • Dressing tables and vanities: These typically have drawers or hinged mirrors with a place to put away clutter. Dressing tables and vanities alike are perfect for smaller valuables like jewelry.
  • Dressers: Having a dresser is great for slightly larger items. Vintage pieces or small collectible items fit nicely into a dresser’s drawers.
  • Chests: Some chests come with locks to keep valuables securely inside. These are a great storage solution for bigger possessions like wedding china or photograph collections. You can keep vintage quilts or designer handbags in a chest as well. The options are expansive!
  • Cabinets: Since cabinets come in many size variations, they are great for an array of valuable items from important paperwork to firearms. As for items that absolutely need to be locked up, a cabinet is a great choice. 

Storing your valuables does not have to include clunky boxes that take up space in the back of your closet or corner of your room. No matter what items you have, there is an abundance of furniture options that will double as storage and keep your prized possessions out of the way. At Amish Outlet Store, we custom-make your solid wood pieces so you can always find the perfect piece of furniture with us. 

The Best Storage Solutions for Jewelry

The first step in finding the perfect storage solution for your valuables is understanding how certain items need to be stored. Because jewelry is extremely delicate and sensitive to the elements, it requires some extra attention. Things to keep in mind while finding jewelry storage solutions:

  • Keep jewelry in a dry environment: Humidity can tarnish metals and ruin the pieces entirely.
  • Place fine jewelry away from other pieces: Any pieces with diamonds or other hard gemstones should be separated to avoid making contact with other pieces. This prevents scratching. 
  • Keep items out of the light: Exposure to sunlight can discolor jewelry, especially costume pieces. Storing your jewelry in the dark will help to keep it looking new for longer.
  • Organize chains neatly: This will ensure there is minimal tangling and easy access when you want to wear a necklace or bracelet.
  • Separate metal types: Keeping different kinds of metals away from one another prevents tarnishing.
  • Store clean jewelry: Before putting away jewelry, you should always clean it. This maintains the integrity of each piece and prevents items from negatively interacting with each other. 

Now that you have an understanding of the best practices for storing jewelry, keep your beloved gems orderly and safe with one of these jewelry storage ideas. 

The Best Storage Solutions for Jewelry

Amish Jewelry Chevals and Mirrors

At Amish Outlet Store, there are many chevals to choose from, each with an abundance of choices for you to customize. There are various models, all with different options for what wood type and stain you prefer so you can find the perfect solid wood piece to fit your style. 

One stunning example is the Traditional Shaker Jewelry Cheval and Mirror that comes with 11 necklace hooks and a crushed velvet interior, making it a phenomenal piece for storing your most prized items. The beveled mirror slides shut to cover the jewelry inside. It might come as a surprise to visitors to see this gorgeous mirror doubles as storage. 

Amish Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities make for wonderful jewelry storage furniture. We offer American-made vanities that have adjustable shelves and large storage compartments. Storing jewelry in a bathroom vanity is a major space saver for your home. Jewelry will be protected and out of sight in a convenient yet inconspicuous spot. 

A bathroom vanity is a great solution for storing larger collections of jewelry. Drawers and compartments allow for a dark place to keep pieces. Plus, there is room to spread your items out. Organizational inserts are a great option if you are seeking out a solid wood vanity. 

The Century Vanity comes equipped with three drawers that have full extension soft-close under-mount drawer slides and two doors. These drawers make for unnoticeable jewelry storage. 

If you are seeking a smaller vanity, we offer options that you will love. The Regal 37″ Vanity has two doors. Jewelry can be stored on the adjustable shelf found behind the doors. And if you are interested in other vanity styles and models, all of our vanities have shelving or drawers, and in some cases both. 

The Best Storage Furniture for Guns

Just like jewelry, gun storage requires special attention. You should have an understanding of the best practices for storing guns before buying any gun cabinet or gun safe. There are several things to keep in mind, including:

  • Safety: Firearms need a very secure place in your home that prohibits unwanted access. Having a lock may be a necessity. We have gun cabinet options with locks and concealing doors and mirrors. Keep bullets and other ammunition stored in a secure place separate from your guns. This helps avoid unwanted accidents.
  • Low moisture: Keep guns out of rooms with high humidity as the moisture will advance the rusting and tarnishing process. Guns should be kept at 50% humidity or drier
  • Keeping guns clean: Before storing your guns, make sure you thoroughly clean them. This promotes longevity and keeps your cabinets fresher for longer. 
  • Giving them space: You do not want to overcrowd guns or file them into a cabinet incorrectly. Make sure guns have their own designated space, not leaning against or touching each other.

The Best Storage Furniture for Guns

At Amish Outlet Store, our solid wood, handcrafted gun cabinets come in 10 different models. Whether your collection is small or very expansive, we have size options to meet your needs. Our smallest version available is the Rustic Slab Gun Cabinet. This model has room for six guns. Complete with a lock on the door, this piece has a slab door frame and full extension drawer slides, making it a perfect cabinet for someone with a more modest collection.

If you are looking to display your gun collection, our classic Gun Cabinet is a great option. This cabinet has a door with an etched glass window of a hunting scene. It fits up to five guns and one bow or eight guns with no bow. On this cabinet, both the doors and drawers are fully equipped with locks. 

Our Mount Easton Gun Cabinet is our most elaborate piece of storage furniture for guns. With the capability to hold ten guns, a hunter or collector with a large number of guns will love this piece. The Mount Easton has two-touch LED puck lights on the ceiling, making it easy to grab and go on an early morning hunt. All doors, both where the guns are kept and in the storage compartments below, are fully lockable. The wood shelf on the bottom right of this cabinet has three dovetailed drawers. 

No matter how large your collection is, we have you covered with our various size capacities. You can also get these cabinets in different stains to match the other furniture in your home. AmishOutletStore.com proves that even a gun cabinet can be a stylish addition to your home. 

The Best High-End Storage Furniture for Clothing

When it comes to your clothing, having the right storage solutions is necessary for maintaining a tidy home. Hunting for the perfect dresser can be complicated as there are many aspects to consider such as:

  1. Finding pieces that match or complement your bedroom set.
  2. Considering the amount of clothing you need to store away.
  3. Settling on how much space you have in your home for a new dresser.
  4. Sorting what kind of materials you prefer the dresser to be made from. 
  5. Deciding on what kind of drawers you like most on a dresser.

If you are seeking out high-end storage furniture to house your clothing collection, look no further. We have solid wood, Amish-made dressers that will look beautiful in your home. With hundreds of dressers to choose from, your size and style requirements are almost guaranteed to be met with our collection. 

Our Montana Mission 6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror is a gorgeous, hand-crafted option with six spacious drawers positioned on full extension drawer slides. This piece will hold a great quantity of clothing in addition to having a 49-inch by 39-inch mirror on top. As a bonus, you can stylize and display decor on top of this furniture piece as well.

If you are in the market for a less common dresser design, our Arthur Philippe Rustic 6 Drawer Dresser is an awesome piece of space-saving bedroom furniture. This item comes with dovetailed drawers and push-release slides. Its sleek build is complemented by saw marks, and it stands at just 29 inches high. 

If you are interested in storing more delicate clothing items, you might consider seeking dressers with smaller drawers. Our Palisade 8 Drawer Dresser with Mirror is great for storing undergarments or children’s clothes. With two doors and eight drawers, this piece is destined to stay in your family for a long, long time. The beveled mirror makes getting ready easy and saves you space. 

Our collection of high-end storage furniture has something for every household. Whether you need massive drawers or just something to store your socks in, we can help.

Shop AmishOutletStore.com for Space-Saving Storage for Your Valuables

Shop AmishOutletStore.com for Space-Saving Storage for Your Valuables 

If you are looking to find high-quality, solid wood furniture pieces that will double as chic storage for valuables, look no further. Amish Outlet Store is the perfect place to buy custom items from Amish crafters, all produced in the United States of America. Whether you are seeking out chests, dressing tables, dressers, or gun cabinets, our selection of premium northern kiln-dried hardwood furniture is made to order so you know you are getting exactly what you want. 

Keep your valuables safe in our gorgeous pieces that are designed to last. Browse the full selection on our website and get a custom quote today.


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