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Choosing the Perfect TV Stand

Choosing the Perfect TV Stand

With so many options on the market and a wide range of quality and construction, choosing a TV stand can be stressful. If you’re shopping for a new TV stand, solid wood furniture is the best way to ensure you get a high-quality, durable piece. Amish furniture has many benefits, and selecting a handcrafted TV stand will give any space a timeless, elevated look.

To find the best TV stand for your room, you’ll need to find the perfect spot, measure the TV and stand dimensions, measure your sitting height and choose the right stand style. Learn more about how to choose the right TV stand and get the best piece for your home with this guide.

Where to Place Your Stand

Whether selecting a TV stand for your living room, office, bedroom or any other room, you’ll need a stand that perfectly fits your TV and space. The first thing you want to do is figure out where your TV will go. This will help determine your stand’s size and where the best viewing spot is. You have several factors to consider when picking the best placement for your TV stand. Hanging objects, feature pieces, windows and traffic flow all impact where the stand will go.

Windows are perhaps the most significant element to consider when finding your TV placement. Windows will cast light on the TV screen, blocking your view. Try to avoid placing your TV in front of or opposite any windows — they’ll make watching TV more difficult and uncomfortable. If your room is full of windows, consider investing in quality window shades or curtains so you can control the level of sunlight inside while allowing you to place the TV wherever you want.

A fireplace will also affect where you can put your TV. Many people have their TVs above the fireplace, but this often puts the TV above sitting eye level, making viewing less comfortable for your family. If you’re looking for a TV stand, the TV won’t sit above the fireplace, so you’ll have to place the TV stand somewhere that doesn’t detract from the fireplace. Look for balance when complementing your TV stand and fireplace, letting both features stand out rather than outshining each other.

Measure Your TV

Once you know where your TV stand will go, you’ll need to measure the TV to determine what size TV stand to get. You might think you can estimate your TV size and buy the first stand you like, but you’ll often end up with a stand smaller than your TV, and your TV will be wider than your stand. Ideally, your stand will be slightly larger than the TV by a few inches on either side to create a balanced look and ensure the TV is well-supported and doesn’t overwhelm the stand.

To measure your TV, you should get its height, width, depth and screen measurements. Measure the screen diagonally from corner to corner to get its size. You should measure the width and height of the TV from straight edge to edge, including the border. Finally, fully measure the depth of the TV. These TV measurements will help you select a stand that fits your TV for the best support and look.

While you can have any amount of room for your TV, 3 inches of space on either end of your TV stand is a good, balanced look to start with. This gives you room for small knickknacks and accessories without blocking the TV. Make sure to get the actual width of the TV and not just the screen size — the exact width of the TV is usually smaller than the screen size.

If you want 3 inches on either side, a 61-inch TV stand works for a 55-inch TV, and a 71-inch stand works for a 65-inch TV. These measurements are subjective, though — look for the amount of extra room you like best. For rooms with more space, TV stands with about 6 inches on either side give you plenty of room for decorations while complementing the TV and the TV stand.

Measure Sitting Height

When choosing a stand and measuring your TV, you’ll also want to consider sitting height. The best TV stands for your room will be large enough for the TV with room for storage but will also sit low enough to view the screen comfortably from your couch, office chair or bed. For the best viewing, the center of the TV screen should sit at or slightly below eye level.

To measure the optimal sitting height:

  1. Sit or have someone else sit in the place where you’ll watch TV.
  2. Measure from eye level down to the floor to get the rough eye-level height.
  3. Once you have this number, subtract half of your TV’s height. This number is the height your TV stand should be for the best viewing height and most comfortable viewing.

Types of TV Stands

Types of TV Stands

After selecting your TV stand location and measuring TV size and viewing height, you can start looking at different options for handcrafted TV stands. Factors to consider include color, budget, location, size and style, so explore the various solid wood options to find the perfect stand for your home. Some excellent types of TV stands include:


Flat TV stands and wall units are set against flat walls for a balanced, timeless look. Flat TV stands are rectangular, complementing the shape of the TV while fitting against the wall. They often have shelves and windowed cabinets for storage, while wall units feature extended vertical shelving for maximum storage and style.


Corner TV stands are ideal for homes that need the TV in corners or unusual sitting spots. They include multiple shelves or drawers so you aren’t sacrificing storage just because your TV is in a corner. They’re cut to fit well in the corner of the space and give your TV a unique look.


Mission-style furniture emphasizes clean, straight lines and simplicity. Mission-style furniture is often stained to highlight the unique, natural features of the wood and gives a functional, timeless appeal to any room.


Shaker-style furniture also emphasizes simplicity and functionality in its design, like Mission-style, but with a few key differences. With tapered legs, round wooden knobs and gentle curves, Shaker-style TV stands bring a softness to your décor

Shop Handcrafted TV Stands at Amish Outlet Store

Shop Handcrafted TV Stands at Amish Outlet Store

If you’re interested in high-quality, superior solid wood furniture, handcrafted Amish TV stands are perfect. The durability of hardwood furniture ensures you have a beautiful, expertly-crafted piece to display your TV. Choose from several classic styles and wood species to get a TV stand that complements your TV and your room for years to come. If you’re interested in an Amish TV stand, shop our available entertainment centers and find your perfect piece today.


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