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Creating Your Modern Farmhouse Decor Living Room

Our Top Furniture Choices for Your Modern Farmhouse Living Room

What is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

The Modern Farmhouse style has been a powerhouse in the world of design for a long time. Calling to mind bright sunshine, airy rooms, and comfortable furniture, modern farmhouse decor goes back to a simpler time where people worked with their hands and took pride in their surroundings. Farming could be dirty work, but farmhouses were known to be clean as a whistle. Every member of the family would pitch in, working hard both inside the house and out on the land to make a living on their own piece of the American Dream. In the evenings, they would retire to their warm, comfy house, decorated with no pretense but still embodying the very nature of home. Now more than ever people want to recreate that feeling of coziness in their own modern-day homes, and what better room to start with than the living room?

As you consider your project, think about what style of modern farmhouse décor you’re after. Establishing a style goal is key when it comes to interior design. Is it country charm, or rustic contemporary? Whatever you choose, you’ll want to include items with clean lines, natural textures and neutral earth tones. Solid wood furniture and reclaimed wood pieces make striking focal points against white painted shiplap walls. Be sure to include touches of rustic farmhouse décor such as metal wall accents and other farm style antiques. You may want to trend the entire room to a beautiful white cream color, but layer in pops of color here and there with modern fabrics. Keep reading and we’ll share some interior design tips and take a deep dive into ways you can bring your new modern farmhouse living room to life.

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How do you get Modern Farmhouse Style?

modern farmhouse decorOur Amish-built furniture is the perfect component in your quest to create a comfy farmhouse living room for your home. Made with the highest-quality wood using traditional, hand-crafted techniques, it personifies the very idea behind modern farmhouse style. And since furniture is the cornerstone of any room, it’s the best place to start when working on a redesign project. Remember that when it comes to farmhouse style, nothing should look perfect. You’re looking for pieces that looked lived in. 

Modern Farmhouse Sofa

Your sofa (or couch if you prefer) is likely to be the cornerstone of any living room. It’s where the family goes to watch TV, listen to music, play games or just hang out and chat. Farmhouse style boils down to simplicity and comfort, so your sofa obviously plays a big part in that. Our Franchi Sofa features a beautiful wooden frame with soft, inviting cushions that you can sit on for days. Choose from seven types of hardwood and opt for a dark-color stain to solidify that rustic modern farmhouse décor feel. Another option, our Kimbolton Sofa is made from reclaimed wood, which brings a real feeling of history to the room. For a splash of color, choose a bright, solid color fabric for the cushions, or go all out and opt for leather. Including throw pillows is another chance for you to add some texture to the space by choosing a soft fabric in a light, neutral tone. 

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you want a place to add some rustic magnetism to the room, here’s a great opportunity. Solid wood top tables paired with metal bases add just the right amount of farmhouse charm and are hot commodities right now. The East Lake Open Coffee Table is an amazing example of this style. With a top made from thick planks of cherry, complete with saw marks coupled with a powder coated steel base, it’s the very definition of a rustic modern farmhouse piece. Add the matching end tables to really bring home that modern farmhouse style. 

Modern Farmhouse TV Stand

Let’s face it, it’s called modern farmhouse style for a reason. As much as we may dream of living in a simpler time, we’d still want to bring our TV, stereo and other electronics along. But, that’s no reason to give up on farmhouse decorations! Set your TV right on top of this Hand Hewn TV Stand and you’ll feel like you’re watching TV in the 1800’s. The top is made from 1-1/4” hardwood planks with hand worn edges to give it the appearance of times gone by. Two attractive sliding barn doors adorned with rustic metal hardware reveal shelving underneath for extra storage. This stand will help bridge the gap between modern day comforts and age-old farmhouse decorating.

Modern Farmhouse Accent Pieces

Now that you have your main pieces of furniture, you may want to throw some other items into the mix to help enhance your interior design. If your sofa will be floating in the middle of the room, a sofa table works well to camouflage the back of it. If you liked the look of the coffee table above, we have a sofa table in that same style. A rocking chair or glider is a good addition, especially if you have a large space and want to create a reading or conversation nook. Imagine wrapping yourself in a soft blanket and settling down with a warm cup of tea or a nip of brandy after a long, hard day. This country rocker would fit beautifully in front of a stone or shiplap fireplace. Open up your mind to all the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when mixing and matching styles. Bringing together a variety of textures, clean lines, different pieces is the basis of most farmhouse decor ideas.

Farmhouse Walls and Floor Decor Ideas

Floors should be left in their natural, hardwood state as much as possible. They should also be finished in either a light or dark stain. If you’re lucky enough to have a hardwood floor made up of wide planks, show them off with some strategically placed throw rugs. A dark stained hardwood floor with some cream-colored throw rugs is a fantastic way to mix up textures across the room. Bring as much natural light into the room as possible by avoiding heavy curtains or blinds on the windows. If you want the privacy, think about a rustic metal curtain rod and add some dark sheers to contrast your cream or white colored walls. When it comes you farmhouse decor ideas, you want to achieve a balance of light and dark while staying true to natural elements whenever possible. 

Accessories for the Farmhouse Look

modern farmhouse accessoriesAs always, accessories are where you can add the fun. Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll be inundated with interior design ideas. This is your chance to bring some outdoor elements into the mix. You don’t want anything fancy…in fact…you want just the opposite! How about a simple stack of birch wood in a corner, or a metal spindle bookshelf with some old books? Or an antique metal watering can or windmill sculpture? Feel free to indulge yourself in those “wisdom” wood blocks that have sayings that speak to things you care about. Another farmhouse decor idea is to find some antique metal milk jugs to hold a decorative bundle of wooden sticks or cattails. This is the time to reach out with your soul and embrace interior design. Also include historical and natural pieces that bring joy into your life (and home).

There You Have It – The Modern Farmhouse Look for Your Home

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, modern farmhouse style is what you make of it. Keep the room open and airy and choose furniture that’s comfortable and well-loved. Lean toward white or cream for your color pallet. But make sure to add splashes of color here and there to help create excitement and texture. Finishing touches such as baskets, simple plants, pictures with metal frames and the like will round out the space nicely. With a little planning and a bit of imagination, you can transform your living room into a place you’ll never want to leave.


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