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Solid Wood Gun Cabinets – Our Favorite Styles

solid wood gun cabinets

Summer is in full swing! But before you know it the weather will start to cool, pumpkin spice lattes will be back, and hunting season will be upon us. Now is the perfect time to revisit your gun storage situation.

While guns are useful and sometimes necessary tools, they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. That doesn’t necessarily mean criminal hands either. It could mean your six-year-old son who watched you clean your guns one evening and is simply curious. The majority of gun owners are hyper-aware of this and take the necessary precautions. For many, this means purchasing a gun cabinet. 

Why Gun Cabinets Are Important

Gun storage is important for two primary reasons. The first is obvious – safety. It’s estimated that one-third of American households with children own at least one gun. Unfortunately, almost 2 million children live in a home where guns are unsecured. Kids look up to their parents, and young children especially look to emulate what they do. Many kids who grow up in hunting families look forward to the day when they can go out into the wild and learn how to hunt. If they know where the guns are kept, it’s only a matter of time until they seek them out for a game of pretend. No matter how many times they’re told not to. Locked gun cabinets are very effective at preventing children from getting into trouble with your guns. This is especially true if the ammunition is stored in a separate, secured location.

The second reason is also about protection, but for your guns. Rifles are fantastic machines and need to be cared for accordingly. Making sure they are kept free of moisture and dust is imperative to keeping them working like, pardon the pun, a well-oiled machine. Gun owners spend a lot of time cleaning their firearms. Not only do the inner workings need attention, but it’s just as important to keep the outside of the rifle in tip-top shape. You certainly don’t want to spend all that time cleaning the bore, detailing the barrel, receiver and stock – only to stand them in a corner to collect dust. A well-made gun cabinet keeps your firearms protected from most environmental conditions.

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Types of Gun Cabinets

When you think of the word “gun cabinet”, what comes to mind? A big, hulking piece of metal that sticks out like a sore thumb, right? And sure, some people prefer a large, metal gun safe, but it’s certainly not your only option. There are some beautiful hardwood gun cabinets out there with all kinds of special features. The Amish in particular often rely on hunting to provide fresh food for their families. It goes to follow that combined with their woodworking skills, the Amish make some really nice gun cabinets that fit in with any decor. Take a look at the following cabinets, as each have different designs and features.

Chester Gun Cabinet

Chester Gun CabinetThe Chester is a traditional cabinet that can hold anywhere from six to ten guns. It’s available in red and quarter sawn white oak, cherry, or maple hardwood. And with almost 20 stain colors to choose from, you can match any decor. Two large cabinets, a small draw-down cubby and two drawers give you lots of storage options. There is also room to store handguns or pistols if needed, eliminating the need for an additional small gun safe. All cabinets and drawers have locking mechanisms. Graceful deer etched into the glass of each cabinet door add the perfect decorative touch. This cabinet would look great in your den or study.

Swivel Gun Cabinet

Swivel Gun CabinetThis is a unique curio-style cabinet that offers a smaller footprint yet holds more firearms than the Chester. Available in the same types of wood and finishes, it’s a great option if you are looking to fit something into a smaller space. Your rifles sit in a round robin style turntable allowing you to easily swivel to whichever gun you need access to. All cabinets and drawers feature locking mechanisms. As an added bonus, a mirrored back panel and integrated LED light work wonderfully as a way to show off your collection.

Corner Swivel Gun Cabinet

Corner Swivel Gun CabinetThe Corner Swivel Gun Cabinet has all the same features as the Swivel Gun Cabinet, but is designed to fit snugly into the corner of any room. Cathedral drawers and dentil molding paired with antique English hardware give off a perfect hunting-lodge feel. The standard cabinet holds six guns, but you can also customize it for eight, ten, and twelve gun sizes. 

Wooden Sliding Door Gun Cabinet

Wooden Sliding Door Gun CabinetIf you’re looking for a cabinet that gives a little more security, this is the one for you. A single, sliding, solid wood door keeps firearms out of site and out of mind from prying eyes. The bottom of the cabinet is lined with red felt to protect both the cabinet and the rifles, and can hold up to eight guns. Crown molding and an enclosed base give this piece a beautiful refined look. It’s a great cabinet if you need to keep your firearms in a more high-traffic area.

Shaker Rifle Cabinet Leaner and Mirror

Shaker Rifle Cabinet Leaner and MirrorMaybe you want to keep your gun cabinet in the bedroom? If so, this Shaker cabinet is the perfect dual-purpose piece of furniture. Shakers were known for their ingenious methods of making the most of any available space. So this cabinet offers all kinds of gun storage while also doubling as a full-length mirror. It can hold six rifles and two hand guns, along with holsters. The shelf depth is just over nine inches, allowing for both rifles and shotguns with scopes. Choose from seven different kinds of hardwood with a large variety of stain options. And it looks great!

Gun Storage and Our Gun Cabinets

Overall, a gun cabinet is an important part of safety protocol and gun storage when you keep firearms in the home. And as you can see, there are tons of ways you can secure your firearms without sacrificing style. If you keep the guns unloaded and locked up, store the ammunition separately, and keep the keys away from your kids; you will enjoy your hobby and protect your family at the same time.

Check out our entire selection of well-crafted Amish gun cabinets to find the best fit for your home.


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