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Standing Desk Guide

Standing Desk Guide

Standing desks have been used for centuries, but not in the capacity they are employed today. When George Plimpton visited Ernest Hemingway in the mid-1950s, he noted Hemingway kept his typewriter on top of a bookcase and stood while he wrote, even though he had a “perfectly suitable desk in the other alcove.”

When the standing desk movement began gaining traction in the early 2010s, the material choices were restricted and the selection of shapes, sizes and colors were limited. Today, an online shopper can find exactly what they’re looking for in material, shape, size, color and even electronics.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Standing Desks for Work and Home

As more people use standing desks, more studies are conducted to learn the exact benefits of a standing desk vs. a sitting model.

Health Improvements

Standing desks can help reduce back pain. Back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst office workers and those who sit in chairs all day, and most back problems are caused by poor posture and sedentary habits. Standing desks for work and home can promote better standing posture and even improve your posture when you’re seated.

Improved Workplace Mood

Standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being. In a short-term study, participants who used standing desks reported experiencing less stress and fatigue than peers who stayed seated for eight hours. Of the standing participants, 87% reported increased energy throughout their day. When the participants using standing desks returned to their old desks towards the end of the study, overall moods reverted to their original levels.

This research aligns with more broad studies on frequent sitting and mental health, which links sedentary time with increased risk of depression and anxiety.

Our Standing Desks

Has your interest in using a standing desk piqued with this new information? If so, take a look at these standing desk models perfect for home or office use:

The Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office

A desk for your home is different from your desk at work — you want this desk to be charming and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing one that matches your style is just as important as selecting a desk for its functionality. Your home office may be your primary workspace, so it’s important to love the spot you’ll be spending hours in during most days.

  • Bradford Standing Writing Desk: The Bradford Standing Writing Desk preserves both aesthetics and function. This sit-stand desk has an electronic lift top that can be modified to appear as a normal sitting desk or brought up to a standing position for times when you want to stand and work. This desk even features a dovetail drawer, offering marked durability. It also satisfies the traditional desk look, with its wooden sides beautifully camouflaging any standing mechanisms.
  • Adona Writing Table: The Adona Writing Table with Live Edge is perfect for those looking for a sit-stand desk. This desk offers a rustic yet modern feel with its black metal base and live edge. The live edge is the natural edge of the wood piece, which makes this model unique.
  • JD’s Sit and Stand Desk: JD’s Sit and Stand Desk is an affordable addition to a household looking for a multifunctional standing desk. The standing mechanism requires no electricity, and the desk features a large drawer to keep the traditional office furniture look. The desk’s slotted sides can make it stand out in a Mission-style home.
  • Tremont Stand-Up Desk: The Tremont Stand-Up Desk is fit for home office royalty. This piece is a dedicated standing desk featuring a 1-inch solid top and dovetail drawers. The drawer on the left and the two bottom drawers on the right are designed as file storage, while the door on the left is for a CPU. The craftsmanship on this desk is impeccable, with detailing including fine fluting and raised panels.

The Best Standing Desks for Businesses

The Best Standing Desks for Businesses

Choosing a desk for work is important for yourself and your staff. If you’re looking to buy desks in bulk, consider the quality of the desks you’re giving to your workers, as these furniture pieces reflect your company’s value. Providing your workers with standing desks can enable them to work more comfortably. It can also boost their energy and help them avoid being sedentary for eight hours a day.

  • Dakota Adjustable Desk: The Dakota Adjustable Desk is an affordable option for everyone in your office space. This wood desk is adjustable through a single motor lift, allowing your employees to work comfortably at their chosen height. It has a wooden top and wooden feet and is available in a two-tone stain or single hue.
  • Seattle Adjustable Desk: The Seattle Adjustable Desk is similar to the Dakota model, offering a distressed, hand-planed wood top. This desk has a low-sheen finish and also operates with a single motor lift. The electronic lifting mechanism eases the transition from sitting to standing for employees, limiting time wasted or productivity lost.
  • Adona Adjustable Standing Desk with Live Edge: Just like the home-office model, this Adona Adjustable Standing Desk with Live Edge remains charming while allowing a sitting option for office employees. This desk’s wood can level up an office space while preserving modernity with its black legs, especially with its unique live edge. This model is pictured with an optional vertical cable manager to keep your office clear of loose cables.
  • Adona Adjustable Standing Desk with Topper: The Adona Adjustable Standing Desk with Topper has the same base and top as the former, but this model has one extra feature, making it fun and functional for an office space. The topper at the back of this desk gives it more storage and provides an enclosed feel. This model is also pictured with an optional keyboard tray to save more desktop space.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Here are some helpful tips for how to use your standing desk once you receive it:

Try to Alternate Frequently

If you opt for a sit-stand desk, alternating between sitting and standing will help you get the most from it. Just as sitting for eight hours a day can be harmful, standing for eight hours straight can put unnecessary strain on your body. Regularly getting up and down from your chair can burn more calories than sitting or standing alone.

If possible, it’s most optimal to alternate positions every 30 minutes. Some people track their time standing or sitting by using timer apps. You may find it easier to stand when you are doing activities that don’t require constant typing, such as conference calls.

Work on Posture

Take the opportunity to work on your posture when standing at your desk. One of the biggest challenges of sitting all day is maintaining good posture for a healthy back and spine.

Practice standing up straight, keeping your hips tucked under. You should keep your neck tall and shoulders relaxed, and your knees should be slightly bent so they’re not locked or hyperextended. This posture will contribute to a neutral spine, ensuring the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and supporting the body equally.

When setting your standing desk’s height, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, keep your neck neutral and place your wrists straight. Doing so can prevent health issues from affecting your arms and hands from working long hours with a poor posture. 

Try an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mats absorb shock when walking and provide a cushioning effect to reduce foot fatigue. Modern anti-fatigue mats can also include different contours to encourage you to move more.

If possible, listening to music while standing at your desk can also encourage movement.

Don’t Just Rely On Standing

Standing desks encourage movement, but don’t rely only on this to provide you enough activity during your eight sedentary hours a day. Look for other ways to get active during the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and try walking with your colleagues for meetings rather than sitting in a conference room.

Choose the Right Standing Desk From Amish Outlet Store

A standing desk elevates all types of work, and it even promotes good health through better posture and more movement. Acquiring the best standing desk for your home office or workplace requires analyzing your personal taste, budget and performance expectations.

At Amish Outlet Store, Amish artisans handcraft every piece we sell, right here in the USA. These gifted craftsmen have taken on the furniture-making trade after watching generations of parents and grandparents make furniture. Because of this, our wood standing desks are of superior quality, holding up much better than any mass-produced pieces found from other retailers. To view our inventory further, check out our standing desks here, or contact us for more product details.

Choose the Right Standing Desk From Amish Outlet Store


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