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The Rise of Self-Assembled Furniture

Ready-to-assemble furniture, like the popular Thuma or Holin bed, has become more readily accessible in the furniture market. This furniture trend has seen a steady rise since the mid-20th century. Why has this do-it-yourself approach become so popular with consumers and companies?

The largest reason relates to this shipping industry. It’s much more efficient to ship a disassembled bed frame, table, or other unit of furniture. Thus, moving a piece of furniture into a home is easier when it is compacted and the weight is dispersed into a few boxes. It also can lower the shipping cost of an item.

Both the Thuma bed and the Holin bed have had great success with this method of transporting their orders, and they haven’t had to lower the quality of a sturdy platform bed to make it happen. The appearance and easy assembly offered by each company is a true representation of their values and reputation.

Appearance: The Materials Used

Hardwood Queen bed with measurements
Image provided by Holin Bed

Both Thuma and Holin have embraced an elegant and minimalistic design that serves to do more with less. Each frame is built with subtle curves, solid edges, and supportive slats. Both companies came up with an airy and raised structure to offer under-bed storage space. The Holin bed is designed with a 15-inch lift that most medium storage bins and boxes can fit beneath to keep your bedroom tidy. Both Thuma and Holin are platform beds, which means they only require a single mattress – no box springs are needed!

The Holin bed frame is constructed of American poplar and the Thuma bed is built from repurposed wood. Both companies sell the standard bed sizes, the frames can be configured with a headboard made of wood or fabric, and you can also use each company’s color picker to see which color you like the best. Both of these frames are designed to be put together through Japanese Joinery to make assembly simple for their customers.

Easy to Assemble

animation of Japanese joinery
Animation provided by Holin Bed

Assembling these beds is quick and easy because very little hardware is needed to put them together. Each one utilizes an ancient technique known as Japanese joinery. This is a building process that involves interlocking wood pieces that hold each other together without the need for nails and screws. While both beds do have some screws, you won’t need any fancy tools to get the job done.

Assembly is also made easy because each piece is solid but not too heavy. Holin beds are shipped in only three boxes and each one will weigh between 32 lbs. and 52 lbs. Thuma beds are also conveniently split into three boxes.

Once you get all of your pieces, the setup instructions are easy. Both Thuma and Holin guarantee that even if you take your time, your bed can be set up or torn down in less than 15 minutes.

Company Location and Values

Both companies have roots in the United States and sell across the nation. The Thuma bed was designed in San Francisco and the company now works with various factories to manufacture their products. With their Greenguard certification, their main goal is environmental preservation. Thuma has a website from where you can design and purchase the bed of your choice.

On the other side of the country, you’ll find the Holin Bed Company. Holin is based in Fredericksburg, Ohio where they design and build their beds from a family-owned manufacturing facility. This family-owned and operated company has heritage from the Amish and the Dutch (Hence the similarity in their name to the country of Holland.) They stick to traditional methods of Amish woodworking that were passed down through their ancestors to ensure the quality and longevity of their beds. Each bed is made with a careful eye for detail and only the best poplar wood.

Why We Choose Holin

  • Easy, quick assembly
  • Elegant, simple, and space-saving design
  • Fast, reliable shipping
  • Quality hardwood frame
  • Handcrafted with Amish woodworking techniques
  • Great price for a sturdy product

Looking to purchase a Holin Bed? Holin has graciously partnered with the Amish Outlet Store to offer nationwide online purchases and shipping for those looking to order their beds. They are available to order today and can be shipped to you in less than 5 weeks.


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