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Hickory Amish Futons

Hickory Amish Futons

Futons offer the ideal way to host guests in your home without taking up too much space. For those areas where you want people to be able to sleep over but don’t have room for a sofa bed, a futon provides an easy solution. Futons fold away every morning without fuss. They require little more than a blanket to convert into a cozy place for your friends or relatives to nod off. You can match futons to your surrounding decor and enjoy the extra seating space they bring to any area.

We have futons that will fit into your home that are made by Amish artisans. These gifted furniture makers produce sturdy, durable pieces that look fantastic in any home. Our styles include:

  • Chair futons
  • Futons with drawers
  • Loveseat futons

When you purchase our futons, you also have the chance to customize them to your design preferences. Say you want the futon in a wood besides Hickory. You can request Oak or the other types of wood we stock. You may also ask for a light or dark stain, or you can stick with the natural finish.

The furniture made by our Amish artisans will hold up much better than the typical mass-produced pieces other retailers sell. Our craftsmen use traditional methods they learned from their parents and grandparents. These techniques make strong, attractive furniture you can even hand down to your own children or grandchildren one day.

We offer daily discounts of up to 33 percent off all our furniture, in addition to providing monthly specials posted on your homepage. Browse our selection of futons to discover one that will fit in your home.

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testimonials Cindy in Orlando, FL

I have never purchased a product from the Amish Outlet Store and look forward to hearing from them regarding on an item I am interested in. Every item on the web pages are beautiful. In the past, I have purchased items from other Amish crafters in Ontario, Wisconsin. I loved every item purchased because they are truly artistic and I found that the Amish are very nice people to work with. Today, most products are no longer made with solid wood and purchasing a quality piece, made in the USA is very important to me.

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