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Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Children’s Furniture

Children love to climb and explore, and giving them beds that allow them to do those things will thrill them. Our Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Children’s Furniture offers the perfect opportunity for children to do their adventuring and also have a safe and comfortable place to sleep or play. Our options include bunkbeds, platform beds and lofts. The many possibilities will excite your child and make them eager for bedtime — something any parent or grandparent can appreciate.

Select the Wood and Stain for Your Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Children’s Furniture

The fine craftsmanship used to make these beds includes traditional mortise and tenon jointing, a strong technique that contributes to the sturdiness of our furniture. We make each piece customized to your preferences. Your options include choosing the type of wood you want, such as Q.S. white oak or another type, like cherry. We also offer a selection of stains, such as Acres, Washington, Boston and more.

Our Amish artisans begin learning to make furniture at a young age. They watch their elders at work to pick up on the traditional methods. As they get older, these gifted craftsmen try the techniques themselves. They learn to create outstanding pieces that will stand the test of time. In fact, our furniture is so durable, many people refer to it as “heirloom quality.” They even pass it down to their own children and grandchildren.

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