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Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Gun Cabinets

If you have guns in your home, you want to keep them safe in a place where kids can’t get to them and only you can access them when needed. Adding a gun cabinet to your home offers a smart and practical way to take care of your guns. They will stay in better condition when you protect them from the elements they could otherwise be exposed to. When you purchase one of our beautifully made Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Gun Cabinets, you get a practical addition to your home as well as a beautifully made one.

Amish-Made Gun Cabinets You Can Customize

Our Rustic Q.S. White Oak Amish Gun Cabinets can fit multiple guns inside and feature locks. Their unmatched durability can give you peace of mind if you have children in the house. We offer customization options on all of our furniture, such as choosing the type of wood or shade of stain. Your wood options include oak, brown maple and more, while our stains run from dark, like Coffee, to light, such as S-2.

The Amish artisans who make our furniture learned their trade growing up around their parents and grandparents. These previous generations taught the younger ones how to use traditional techniques such as mortise and tenon jointing. Our talented craftsmen continue to use the same methods because they’re so effective. They produce furniture many of our customers dub “heirloom quality.”

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