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Dresser: 66″W x 22″D x 45″H
Mirror: 43″W x 33″H

– 1 3/8″ Plank Top with Breadboard Ends*
– Saw Cuts in Top
– Beveled Mirror
– Dovetailed Drawers
– Soft-Close Sidemount Drawer Slides

*Wood is a natural product and most hardwoods have open grain, which allows the boards to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. Even solid wood furniture with protective finishes can experience movement from time to time. This can be especially noticeable in furniture with plank-tops and breadboard ends.

Breadboard ends do not expand/contract in the same direction of the main planks due to the grains running opposite in directions. This could create an offset between the planks and the ends. This is not something to be alarmed over, as you may see the table go through the expanding/contracting cycle as the seasons change. This is not a defect in the material or an issue with the workmanship; it is the result of the natural movement of the wood. We recommend keeping your humidity between 35-40% to minimize these effects.

With this in mind, breadboard-end furniture cannot be returned due to expanding/contracting.

Larado 9-Drawer Dresser with Mirror

Brown Maple
Rustic Cherry
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Larado 9-Drawer Dresser with Mirror

Do you want a solid dresser that looks at home in a room with any modern, country or classic design? The Larado 9-Drawer Dresser with Mirror will check all your boxes. Made with solid wood right here in the U.S., it embodies the outstanding craftsmanship Amish furniture is known to display. Each part of the dresser reflects the deliberate decisions of the artisan who made it. You’ll find lots to enjoy with this new dresser in your bedroom. 

The dresser is constructed by Amish artisans, who dedicate their lives to making furniture. They use time-honored techniques they pass from generation to generation, fashioning items whose durability is second to none. You can look at furniture at mass retailers, and you’ll never find anything as reliable as a piece of our furniture. 

The Amish use the best materials available to create their dressers, beds, TV stands and more. You also get your choice of materials. You can select the wood type they use for the Larado 9-Drawer Dresser with Mirror, from Brown Maple or Rustic Cherry. You can also pick a stain, like Asbury or Washington. 

Still have questions about the Larado 9-Drawer Dresser with Mirror? Get in touch with us to learn more. We offer a 33% discount every day, and we post specials every month on our homepage.