Anderson Bedroom Collection

It can be a challenge to find furniture that offers both simplicity and elegance at the same time. However, a skilled wood artisan can often make this combination a reality — and we strive to ensure that the Anderson Bedroom Collection captures it. At, our artisans integrate durability with beauty in their woodwork to create unforgettable pieces of heirloom-quality furniture that make rooms feel complete.

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Included in the Anderson Bedroom Collection is a platform bed, a three-drawer nightstand, a dresser with a wide mirror and a tall chest of drawers. You can order pieces of this collection and incorporate them into your current theme and decor, or you can buy the collection as a set and create an entirely new theme.

Options and Benefits

The greatest benefit of ordering furniture from is that you know you will receive customized, durable woodwork from professionals who have been carving and finishing solid wood for generations. Each piece of the Anderson Collection comes in our signature wood types: oak, cherry, brown maple and Q.S. white oak, as well as rustic cherry. Any one of these wood types will offer you unrivaled beauty and reliability so you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Another benefit of investing in this collection is our variety of sales and discounts, located on our homepage! They can save you up to 33% off your purchase. So make sure you check out all your potential savings before you make a purchase!

Order from the Anderson Bedroom Collection today or fill out our form online to send us your questions and concerns.