Bridgeview Bedroom Collection

The Bridgeview Bedroom Collection is a set of solid wood furniture that combines both modern and natural elements to create its own unique style. With maximum drawer space and design stability, the furniture in this collection will provide you with long-term satisfaction and comfort.

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Are you looking for the ideal furniture replacement or a whole new bedroom aesthetic? Precise woodwork and simple functionality make Bridgeview furniture pieces some of the most reliable options available. This collection includes a bed, a seven-drawer chest, a nine-drawer mirror dresser and a three-drawer nightstand. Because Bridgeview covers all the basic necessities, you have the freedom to use your creativity or interests to build on this theme and make it your own.

Enhance Your Bedroom Today works with teams of skilled Amish artisans who custom-create each piece of furniture with the same careful planning and carving process. If you have questions about the Bridgeview Bedroom Collection or want help determining which product is right for you, we’ll make sure you have all the answers you need.

When you browse our product page, you’ll see that we offer Bridgeview Bedroom Collection furniture in several solid wood types: oak, Q.S. white oak, brown maple and cherry. We also offer a wide range of wood stains to choose from, so you can personalize your design.

You may be able to receive up to 33% off your purchase! For more information, reach out to us today.