Dumont Bedroom Collection

Few furniture collections can top Dumont when it comes to variety and sheer rustic appeal. At AmishOutletStore.com, we offer a wide range of furniture from the Dumont Bedroom Collection, which is custom-built by our experienced team of Amish artisans. These pieces come in rich, rough-sawn rustic brown maple with saw marks and a woodsy grain pattern that will make you feel warm and cozy every day.

We offer a Dumont bedroom set, complete with major bedroom necessities such as a bed, nightstand, chest and dresser. This is perfect for individuals looking to design a whole new room. On the other hand, if there’s a specific piece you’re looking for, Dumont provides multiple nightstand, chest, armoire and dresser options. At least one of these will be bound to suit your preferences!

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Solid Wood Rustic Furniture From AmishOutletStore.com

If you have a soft spot for rustic-style furniture, you will love adorning your bedroom with pieces from the Dumont collection. In contrast to mass-produced furniture, which is often of lower quality, our unique solid wood furnishings are designed to last for decades. We even use eco-friendly varnish to ensure that our products are safe for the environment.

We offer multiple brown maple stains for customers who are interested in personalizing their furniture pieces. Whether you’re looking for a new cedar chest to store blankets or a nightstand for your bedside, Dumont has you covered.

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